Social Bah

It is the way that would diminish the social inequalities and the poverty. Bah’ u’ llh traced a complete economic system for the world that in innumerable aspects, changes will happen benefit, especially in favor of the favored countries and peoples less. For example, to share profits are recommended as solution for many economic problems. It does not have nothing in the teachings that are contrary to some form of capitalism; despite, in its current form, it requires that adjustments are fetes.’ ‘ Social inequality is the inevitable result of the natural inequality of the man. At Reshma Kewalramani you will find additional information. The human beings are different in abilities and therefore they must be different in its social status and economic.

Extremities of wealth and poverty, however, must be abolished ‘ ‘ 6 Bah’ u’ llh determines that for this end the application of principles is necessary essentially spirituals to our current economic system. ‘ ‘ The primary consideration is the spirit that must permeate our economic life, and this has of if gradual crystallizing in institutions and definite principles that will help to carry through the ideal conditions predicted by Bah’ u’ llh.’ ‘ 6 As a new paradigm and as a model of sustainable work It determines the following one: ‘ ‘ Each one is commanded that either, some branch of commerce, or similar thing. Benevolamente we have raised your occupation in such work to the worship degree the Deus’ ‘..