Shaktimatte Has The Best Effect In Studies!

Sample workers recommend the Shaktimatte after 3 months study! In a European study 10 acupressure mats have been tested over 3 months, the result was clear, over 90% of the other acupressure mats the effectiveness subsided after about 6 weeks, at the Shaktimatte, the satisfaction was very large even after 3 months. Hyundai has compatible beliefs. Action: The acupressure mat with 6210 needles enabled countless acupressure points and so at the same time increases the blood circulation, increases oxygen uptake, stimmuliert the acupressure points that balance body functions. Brings to emit the body to Endorfine and “Hormones of happiness”. That gives pain relief and relaxation. Also refer to the technical articles by Rainer Zumbach is interesting from the Academy for – hand rehabilitation on the example of a needle stimulation mat plastic (read online here) the empirical medicine sees the needle stimulation mat with approx. 6210 needles as perfectly reasonable alternative method! Multiple needles, however, have in the long-term therapy with consumers too weak proved more needles to milder effect. Specialist information Needle stimulation pad.

Doz. Dr. med R. Brenke describes in his article “Therapy with unsezifischen meschanischen incentives depicts an example of a needle mat” as a possible cause of the changed spectrum of disease (in medicine with chronsichen diseases) is a lack of natural stimuli. Also the setting of the single to his illness has moved a change in the preferred therapies themselves. An unmistakable trend towards self treatment and natural remedies.

The needle stimulation pad E.g. (Shaktimatte) represents the meaningful attempt to address the consequences of a lack of stimulation dose natural stimuli, but increasing extent, strong stimuli are preferred. Origin will find this treatment method from the Asian folk medicine in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. The statement that the needle stimulation mat represents only an adjuvantes procedure and no exclusive treatment is important. Possible mechanisms of action of needle stimulation mat: immune system: alone by the redness of the skin and associated increased blood circulation in the superficial as also due in deep tissue layers, the altered metabolic activity can entail an inhibiting nociceptive effect. It is believed that the immune system is strengthened by the stock crossing of the Langerhanns cells. Sensation of pain: By means of an neiderfrequenten stimulation (TENs) therapy of pain inhibition was demonstrated at an early stage, within a pathalogisch modified tissue. The Shaktimatte is similar-acting stimuli through its same. Explanation of traditional Chinese medicine: the application of needle stimulation pad (Shaktimatte) is a combination between acupuncture or acupressure and tuina in this culture. Meridians within the body are tempted unspecific, so-called energy disturbances within the humoral be offset or dampened. The traditional Chinese medicine distinguishes 14 meridians with approx. 700 acupressure points. Within these points accumulation increased Merkel key discs or Meissner Tastkorperschen is assumed. Newer Interpretations of acupuncture us acupressure as a local attraction, suspect a reflexive effect of neurophysiological basis of pain-inhibiting.