Selection of Poems

Was Herod a infanticida’ part 3Numero babies muertos “In the Middle Ages, Christian writers were speculating that killed between 3,000 and 15,000 babies. But “according to the census ordered by Governor romano Quirino, as the Gospels recount ‘the people had no idea Belen 800 inhabitants. So every year there would be no more than 20 births, and approximately 50 die before reaching two years of age (which was normal Laa infant mortality until a couple of centuries ago), so if you command Herod to kill children, should not have been more than twenty. 7 Catholic authorities to discuss the matter “It is not known until now how many children were killed, but we can make an estimate based on statistics. Tourists
Once, I sat in the stands next to one of the gates of the Citadel of David. The two heavy baskets, I put those on my side. A group of tourists were standing around there and guide services are an indication, a reference point. “Is this man to come to the baskets’ Somewhat on the right side of his head is an arc of the Roman period. Somewhat to the right over his head.” ” But it moves, it moves!” I said to myself: redemption will come only when I say: Do you see there that arch from the Roman period ‘No matter: with the, somewhat to the left and below, sits a man who has bought fruit and vegetables for his family. “
What kind of person
What kind of person you are, I heard my words. I am a person with a complex plumbing of the soul, the feeling of sophisticated instruments and a memory controlled by the end of the twentieth century, but with an old body from ancient times and with an older standard that God is my body.
I am a person to the earth’s surface. Places, caves and wells scare me. The peaks of the mountain and the buildings scare me. I am not a fork, I am not a cutting knife or a spoon stuck. I’m not sharp or flat as a spatula that creeps up and down.
Instead I am a good maja crushing blow with heavy and awkward to get a little taste and a little fragrance. The arrows do not lead me. I run my business and I carefully set aside as a long will that began to be written at the time he was born.
I was now standing at one side of the street tired, leaning on a parking meter. I can stand here for nothing, free. I’m not a car, I am a person, man-god of love, a love-god
It is sad to be mayor of Jerusalem, is terrible. How can a man be the mayor of a city like this “Do what you do with it ‘Founded, built and built.
And at night the stones of the surrounding mountains closer to the houses, which are like wolves howl at the dogs, who became slaves of men.
At a rooftop in the Old City are lit with the latest clothing daylight: a white sheet of enemy, an enemy towel to dry it with the sweat of his brow.
And in the sky over the Old City a comet. And at the end of a child thread, which I did not see because of the wall.
We have raised many flags. they have raised many flags. To think that they are happy. To think that we are happy.
My mother once told me
My mother once told me that sleeping with flowers in the room. Since then never sleep with flowers, just go to sleep without them. There were many flowers, but never had enough time. And people are loved throughout my life, as boats from the shore. My mother told me to sleep with no flowers, no sleep. The mother of my childhood not sleep more. The wooden handrail grip when I was expelled from school burned long ago. well remember my hands always apprehensive that agarron.
My child breathes peace
My child breathes peace. When I lean on, not just the smell of soap that I received.All children who have been exhaled peace. (And all this land has not been a single mill wheel that moves). Oh earth rotates like clothes that no longer has composure! Parents hard and lonely even in the caves in the Majpela. Silence orphan with no children. My child breathes peace. His mother’s womb is what God has promised it can not keep.
Poems of Jerusalem
Each evening brings God’s brilliant stained glass goods – Celestial carriages, tables of law, precious pearls, crosses, bells splendor and get back inside and coffers dark shutters closed by saying: “Do not come to buy again no prophet ‘
Before the door was closed, prior to submitting the question about the past, before I carry. Before the weeds fill the gardens, before that there is forgiveness, before the concrete hardens. Before they cover all the holes of a flute, travel and things are locked in a closet, before they discover the rules. Prior to the planned closing by closing the hand that God, rather than having to stand, nowhere.
Love of Jerusalem
There are streets in which they sell only red meat and in the streets that sell only clothes and perfumes.
And there are days when I see only young and beautiful days when I just disabled and the blind and lepers and Azogues and sardonic.
Here we built a house there and dig here by destroying the bowels of the earth and the sky there, sit around here and there, walking around here and hate to love there.
But she loves to Jerusalem according to the tour guides or books of prayer is like loving a woman following a manual of sex positions.

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