Second Forum

The portal serves as an introduction to the world of the Here, the user can make a good overview of second life news and current events in the Forum. The implementation of the new layout in the AJAX allows you to format a move of the individual boxes on the website via simple drag & Dropfunktion, that allows a rather playful interaction with the page. Activity in the Forum and the Gallery bring moving images. The Gallery is available all users free of charge, individual images can be individually assessed and commented.

Who that was still not enough individuality”is that can make over the U-page function its own homepage on the second Forum, its own guestbook with your own gallery. Unique to SECOND one FORUM will be the second wiki. Based on the user-powered online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a second life here encyclopedia. There are technical terms and SECOND LIFE slang detailed explained. In addition, the acronym function, linked words within the Forum with the corresponding explanations in the second wiki. A simple and userfreundicher entry in the Forum world of SECOND LIFE is thus given. To be always up to date FORUM of now also RSS Nabila SECOND has to the subscribe set up.

From a large list can be subscribed to just so required contributions. Also new is the bookmark function. This user, regardless of his own computer, makes it possible to access its individual top posts at any time, and also to tell a friend about this. Interesting is the SECOND LIFE business directory to the look up insider tips and useful addresses in and around SECOND LIFE. The business directory offers businesses and members the opportunity to advertise within a real life presence for the second life presence. In the SECOND FORUM marketplace is linked the bond between the two worlds. So, for example, new shoes for the SECOND LIFE Darko on the Forum can be purchased. The three, two, one mine mentality also works in the third dimension. The new maintenance messages function is used as a realtime feature as direct Communication tool with SECOND LIFE. Without any problems, as news about the Forum directly on an any Darko can be sent to ingame. And who wants to just turn off, provides the SECOND FORUM a fun area. Here you can play Hangman times quietly among others. The user numbers speak for themselves. Continuously rising members since opening of the Forum by the media agency type i SIGN ( SECOND FORUM within one year to one of the largest community for second life in Germany did. With the new SECOND FORUM Web 2.0 look offers SECOND FORUM many exciting new features for the next year. We wish you lots of fun! Samantha Hoyer, type i SIGN