School Department of the Directorate of Distance Education

School of Ministry of Education Directorate of Distance SEMISUD is an innovative program whose mission is to contribute Walden University to theological training, biblical and ministerial global Spanish-speaking world through the Internet.
The Certificate in Ministerial Studies consists of 21 courses comprising a total of 42 credits. Of the 42 credits, 32 are required to obtain the Certificate in Ministerial Studies. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in real estate projects. This does not include the hours of practice Supervised Ministerial Program. The complete curriculum of the Certificate in Ministerial Studies is presented in 503 lessons, approximately 30 minutes each, taught by trained teachers. The faculty is composed of pastors, church leaders and teachers seminars. Each course has its own textbook and a study guide designed specifically leg of the course. Courses may be taken through the distance education individually, through the Internet, support centers, in the same local church under the supervision of a coordinator, or Online Masters Degree credit without the option used in local churches for personal enrichment .
The Certificate in Ministerial Studies was created primarily for those individuals who enter the ministry without a theological education. However, the program is available to anyone who wants to complete his studies for the Certificate in Ministerial Studies. This material may be used by anyone, regardless of denominational affiliation you have. The Certificate in Ministerial Studies can also be adapted to meet the needs of the group who are interested in using the study materials.
Study Options
The School of Ministry offers Online Degree different options for completing courses in the curriculum of the Certificate in Ministerial Studies, namely to assist the Support Center, seminars, individual study, online study, study without academic credit for the Certificate in Ministerial Studies.
Support Center
Support Center makes it possible to study under the guidance of a coordinator of the Support Center. The coordinator manages the classes, using a combination of series of videos, study guides, textbook, and interaction in class. The schedule for the course is set by Walden the Directorate of Distance Education of the SEMISUD. Requires class attendance.
It encourages students to complete their courses in a Support Center. This combined with video presentations in the presence of a coordinator of the Support Center, which provides for both a student-teacher supervisor in the video and the use of someone who is present at each class session.
The seminar is an option in places where groups of students Online Bachelors Degree but do not have a close Support Center of the Directorate of Distance Education. The Distance Education Department sent a teacher to be agreed with the group of students to schedule meetings and make follow-up learning. The study materials will be supplied at registration. If the student spends 14 hours of personal study in a month, every month you can complete a credit in the Certificate in Ministerial Studies at the seminar.
Support Center uses a flexible curriculum of the Certificate in Ministerial Studies to integrate individual study and / or the Internet group sessions, allowing the advantage of uniting the three options professors of study.
Individual Study
Individual study allows students enrolled in independent study option for individual study, reading the textbook, noting the series of videos, completing the study guide and reading tasks in the comfort of your own home. Students must have access to a video (VCR) or DVD and buy the DVD, CD, or study guides and textbooks for courses in which you registered.
Upon completing the course of study, students should contact the Directorate of Distance Education and Support Center nearest to set the test date. The examination will be administered by a delegate from the Directorate of Distance Education. After administer and score the exam, the delegate should send notes and review sheets and answer key to the Education Department to be registered in the register of notes to the student. A student can complete a course with the speed you want, but must do so within 3 months from the register.
Internet Survey
The online study allows the degree venue student to take courses for the Certificate in Ministerial Studies enrolling in courses and registering online.

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