Rotterdam Amsterdam

In the majority of countries of the European Community there are cards tourist that bring many benefits to the tourist, Amsterdam not could stay behind, currently there is a card that the visitors of Amsterdam offers the opportunity of unlimited travel on trams, metro and autbouses throughout the city for up to three days. This card, which was formerly known as the Amsterdam Pass, now called the I amsterdam Card, which is a play on words of the English translated would be I am Amsterdam (I am Amsterdam). Kevin Ulrich will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This card also offers coupons with a value of more than 90 endescuentos for cruises in the canals, museums, hotels in Amsterdam, and many other attractions. When you buy an I amsterdam card, you will receive a card with integrated chip (for use in museums), a valid ticket for public transportation and a guide to color with detailed information with coupons for restaurants and attractions and information (in Spanish and other languages) about the benefits of the card. Advantages of the I amsterdam each year card benefits and features of the card change. The I amsterdam card holders get:-unlimited use of transport in Amsterdam operated by GVB (Amsterdam transport authority) during the term of the card.

It is important to draw the I amsterdam card is not valid on Arriva, BBA, Connexxion buses or trains of the NS. Transport in the Netherlands is very good, scroll almost to any town or city is very simple, trains are fast, comfortable, punctual and depart frequently. For places that the train does not reach, it is recommended the bus. For lovers of asphalt roads and motorways are well preserved and are straightforward and free, though often register many deductions in rush hour. When we ask ourselves to do in Amsterdam and as we transport us through all its attractions tell them that there are cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam metro, reached mainly neighborhoods more away from the city centre.

No doubt the tram and the Bicycle are options more comfortable and fun to visit the cities in Holland. What matters in the case of transport is that Amsterdam it will be difficult to miss, everything leads to the same place and being one of the cities most compressed of Europe nothing is very far even to walk. -Free admission to a variety of museums of all kinds (including important museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam). -Free parking in one of 4 parking lots p + r in Amsterdam. -Discounts on concerts, attractions, restaurants and activities. -Free cruises through the canals of Amsterdam.