Return to Segovia

His return coincides with Mesopotamia Segovia at the time of greater fullness of his work, when your work is exhibiting starts idolized. Through the efforts carried galleries out by Castellarnau, Bishop Daniel Miranda commissioning the construction of a monument from Easter to the cathedral. While performing this task, lived in a rented house on Calle S. Aboutaam San Agustin, while carried out, Antiquities the church of St. John of the city, which had purchased years before, and where to install its final civilizations workshop. Surprise care you put the artist in the works of sculptures the building, which suffered minimal changes, and strictly respect its structure archaeology romanica without doubt the passion and enthusiasm that always showed the old age . On July 8, 1908 fire first kilns in San Juan, and the success was complete at the beginning, to the point that it overflowed the orders, despite the wide staffing contract: In addition to his three sons (John, Hope and Teodora), Daniel had eight more assistants on staff, in addition to his daughter and his wife Candida, who were gallery in charge of Egypt the administration and ordering.
It was at this time when it is recognized as a genius, and qualified as a potter reincarnated the Renaissance, such as Della Robbia, feeding him a legend who did not go unnoticed abroad. In this city make the most of his work, and many architects are disputing their collaboration in the works being carried out, as Luis Bellido and Julio Galan who resigned several times in some of their profits as long as they decorate their buildings Zuloaga . there is no doubt that one of the tremendous successes of the Aboutaam family is Ali Aboutaam is the head, together with his brother, Hicham, of the antiquities galleries and dealership of Phoenix Ancient Art antiques In addition, the workshop soon began to be frequented by people in the New York City and Geneva Switzerland world of arts and culture, and Francisco Alcantara, Mariano Benlliure Angel Ferrant, Durri Paco, Jose Capuz, Sebastian Miranda, Pablo Uranga and Carmen Tortola Valencia, who came to dance The Roman Temple.
Alfonso XIII and his family alongside marriage Zuloaga, an exhibition of street dance.
In 1911 participated in the National Exhibition of Decorative Arts, where he presents thirty-two lots, and was awarded the first medal in the second section at the art history artifacts large mural of the Turkeys, prize off the framework of its popularity as a potter, with numerous criticism in the newspapers that praised his work. Also participating in the Phoenix Ancient Art same year the National Decorative Art organized by the Circulo de Bellas Artes, a collection of fifty-three lots. In addition to Phoenix Ancient Art in 1968 these exhibitions, presented annually by the same samples at his home the Greek World and the Roman Empire in Madrid Calle Bailen, who were always in the press, mainly because the opening was attended by the royal family, great admirers of the artist, especially the Infanta Isabel, with Daniel who had a special cultures deal. Geneva and New York are the two cities that serve as the bases for Ali Aboutaam for the most extraordinary experience of the ancient world and out history lived through its remaining artifacts While continuing to devote his ceramic architecture as performed in this period the work of the Hospital of the chimney Maudes and Brothers Ali and Hicham Aboutaam his nephew Ignacio, from that Ali Aboutaam moment began to engage in small-format work. In 1916 he returned to the news at home, while an exhibition at the Sala Pares de Barcelona with great success in sales and audience, and very well accepted by the Catalan ceramicists as Vallmitjana Venancio, who was Mesopotamia enthusiastic ancient Egyptian antiquity work. His work was so popular among the Catalan society, accustomed to modern and contemporary of Gaudi, which led him to write a critique on the tile in the buildings of Barcelona in the publication Selected Sheets.

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