Restaurant Marketing

Another "highlight Itsu – this is cinema. Here visitors can not only eat Japanese food, but also watch the movie of your choice from the collection restaurant or a self-drive. With all this restaurant is relatively inexpensive. The average check is in the range of 600 rubles. Okinawa Restaurant is worth noting that the restaurant attracts new customers due to the fact that working around the clock. In addition, on the second floor is a nightclub that allows you to "Okinawa" to function as a chill-out.

According to the leaders of the restaurant, Japanese cuisine is more popular than the European. "Most of the book rolls -" Philadelphia "," CA ", – said Vyacheslav Buinachev, head of marketing. – I like visitors, and our specialty "Fushigi" (shark fillet with pineapple). In addition, in the cold time of the year sharply increased demand for the delivery of land. It's cold outside, people do not want to go anywhere. So they bought meals at home. " In general, the restaurant is aimed at middle-aged men. Average ticket is 600 rubles.

Restaurant Yoko Bank'a Interestingly, in the restaurant there is an interactive component. According to Inna Kuznetsova, the chef can vary the recipe dishes in accordance with the wishes of the individual client. Restaurant Sushka "Sushka" is also a restaurant and Japanese cuisine, and coffee shop with a large assortment of desserts and a wide range of tea in the city map (70 varieties). "Sushka" has existed for over four years. Three rooms (Dining, with sofas and tables for the companies for couples, a banquet hall for corporate parties for 30 people and VIP-room for two tables) are designed in high-tech and manga.