Republished Stock Market Quite Simple

Book tip for Borseneinsteiger or for those who want to be can you buy shares as a layman and make money in the stock market? And if so, how goes the?, has Eva Schumann 1996 wondered as she then wanted to invest little savings her sheer enthusiasm about computers and the Internet in the new exciting company. And she found out that and how it’s done. Now, did she go through many ups and downs with the stock exchange, has successfully increased their money despite crises and has learned again and again. She had published initially then later their experiences and strategies in a workbook, in a book. This has been extended to the latest findings and reissued. “Stock market quite simple. So earn! (Reissue) “is aimed at total stock exchange novices.” If you don’t know what means WKN and Depot, then the book for you is correct. Step by step explains what you need to trade shares and equity funds.

At the same time the author introduces the major strategies to reduce the risk manageable to keep and also allowed to stay, if it even crashes on the stock exchange. Easy exchange. So earn! (Reissue) Eva Schumann ISBN 978-3-8423-5380-0 98 pages from the content: stock exchange for everyone! -Money increase power fun!