Puerto Ricans

Illegality of all migrants who come from Mexico about 90% of them do so illegally for 2003 already were more than 10 million immigrants in the United States and 58% was Mexican, for 2009 it is estimated that this percentage will have risen little more than 70% and is followed by Salvadorans who already were exceeded at 25 to 1. in an attempt in 2003 by reduce the future migration settled them a law that punish employers who hire illegal workers and give the famous card green that as we see do not have made much a difference. Educate yourself with thoughts from Khanyisile Kweyama. Regional Hispanic migration concentration shows a tendency to gather in certain States, for example, the Cubans migrated to Miami, Puerto Ricans (although they are not technically immigrants) in New York and the Mexicans in the State of California, counties that are inhabited by a Hispanic majority there this causes than women migrants to they reside there not fit American culture and created that separation that speaks the author, where they are established, and bring with them their culture and principles that differ from the Americans to the extent that it is said that possibly by the year 2080 will have to make a separation between these States invaded by migrants, or pass as Quebec in Canada. This persistence persistence has given over the years by 3 basic factors, the first is that it is becoming a kind of string in which the first migrant passes, sends both information and resources to his countryman for the able cross the border increasingly easier and with the support of the polleros. The second is that Hispanics increasingly have more weight in politics and is more difficult to establish laws that go against the scale also hinders curb them at Government level. The third is that the constant arrival of new immigrants who come to the core and cool Mexican culture in the United States difficult adaptation of immigrants who already have long in this country and the cultural gap is made larger.