Protect Your Club Checkout

Although there was a business in Germany, looking up, sees it in the coffers of the many small clubs right out mau. Funding from the state, county or municipality will be reduced year by year, sponsors are increasingly unwilling to invest the hard earned money working in clubs (if any sponsors will be found) and generation will succeed in making the member stats is also not a positive impact. In addition, costs are rising year after year, be it the referee fees at the next home game or travel expenses for Auswrtsaufgabe. What can you do when once again new club clothing is needed, the funds are very limited Here comes the company PSN – Textile Printing & Embroidery into play: we offer in our product range under a variety of different club wear, extremely easy on the acquisition of which your club treasury. Interested clubs can find such a special club cap in 17 different color combinations, which individually or flocked with lettering or logocan be. In addition, we offer a club to sweat, which is sponsored by 50% of our company. This two-colored sweater, of course, including club label, is the ideal warm-up sweater for the cold season beginning now. Was then tired at the end of the season and won the climb of the cup, comes the icing on the cake: the masters of shirts – high quality t-shirt and Slazenger brands or James & Nicholson in different color combinations, printed with sport-specific motifs, as well as individual text. The motives can be for example, with lines like “national champion 2008” Cup 2007 or “Kreismeister-conqueror of 07/08 provided. What makes these shirts are not the motives with your personalized text on the chest. A truly remarkable in our master shirt is the back pressure: here you have the opportunity to have for each person in your own team or club back pressure (for example, the name and number on back own Imprinting) on. This all takes place under theRequirement to offer the shirts as cheap as possible. That is, the more Champion Shirts will be ordered to be more favorable to them. And this despite the individual back labels for each T-shirt. Take a little time and study our training specifically for associations. You will realize that not only simple T-shirt printing is available, but club clothing can be conveniently labeled individually and personalized.