This exercise of neurolingustica Programming – PNL-it is thought to be able to catch how takings your decisions which is your mental programming on the matter. That is to say, to what you pay attention, that is what take into account at the time of choosing between two or several alternatives, in a particular situation. Exercise PNL to discover your mental programming: It imagines that you have in front of you three currencies of your country: we suppose that first of them he is but the great one in size and of more value. (for example of $1). is called currency 1 the second currency is smaller in size to first and of smaller value than first. (for example of $ 0.50). is called currency 2 the third currency is greater in size to the second and smaller one in size with respect to first but of smaller value than the second currency (we say of $0.25). is called currency 3 If you want draws these three currencies with its characteristics to be able to descry them perfectly Now responds to this question: What relation exists for you enters these three currencies? You must choose only three of the following options: They are round? they are of different size? they are money? they are of values different? they are of metal? they are of different weights (they weigh different)? they are currencies of a same country? they have different names Now writes the three options that you have chosen, by precedence That is to say, you write: A: Option (it can be for example option 4) B: Option (can be for example option C: Option (it can be for example option 1) the priority establishes your mind: what option of the 8 that there is produces more to you impact like putting it in first position (A), in second (B) or in third (C)? Answers: If your first option were an answer of odd number, you are of which processes the information considering before nothing the similarities between the facts or situations.