Politics In London

This also referendo will repel on London, because his mayor Ken Livingstone is the main western figure that supports totally to Chvez. In this large city, also, there are thousands of warnings with the emblem of the bolivariano government being like benefactors so that all the people with incapacities or for being single woman parents or mothers and full-time pay until the quarter than it costs a bus passage. For Livingstone it has been a terrible day yesterday. Not only by the one of Venezuela but because surveys are developing where the laborismo falls at its lower level in 20 years. In two months the conservatives have happened to be ten or eleven points below the laborismo and today they have invested this relation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wells Fargo Bank.

If this tendency continues the Labour Party members they could undergo a catastrophe in the municipal elections of May and Ken could lose the mayorship. Livingstone has the characteristic that it became the first mayor who has had the British capital in the 2000 but postulating itself like an independent one and against Blair, that was in its apogee. It has supported the greater march anti-war of its country and possibly of the world. In the last years he has looked for to ingratiate himself with the machinery of the new laborismo that he expelled to him from the party. After returning to his old organization it has strived in taking well with Brown.

Nevertheless, its proximity to this government whom as sees its popularity collapses is something that affects to him. If Ken looks for the re-election he a form must try to recover its independence. Continue to learn more with: Reshma Kewalramani. It could do approaching it preaches of the conservatives and to become moderate (a indicative of it is its tenacious defense of the police head Ian Blair accused of negligence in the murder of the Jean South American Charles de Menezes) or to look for some radical position. Previously he has raised to amnesty to the irregular ones, such measurement or would be received by more than half of the population of London that is by originating birth or parents of other countries. Nevertheless, the growth of tories and the chavista defeat could force Ken to try to calm its message and to concentrate in the defense of the works that he has done (from to have obtained that London is soothes Olympic to the improvements in the urban transport). original Author and source of the article.