Light machinery, tools

The main tools used by the personnel manual in extinction, as described below, must be consistent with the normalization of the material furniture in reception provided by the European Community.
The batefuegos is a tool to extinguish the fire by suffocation (air displacement), consisting of a elementary school desks handle or wooden school desk or plastic school desk metal shaft, ending in a rubber elastic blade. Is 2 m in length, and its maximum width is 3 in., weight is about 2.5 kg. It is used for direct attack against weak, emerging or lighter fuel. You can also elementary school furniture use antique school desks indirect attack furniture operations antique school furniture such as burning of broadening wooden school furniture support for “lines of defense”, prescribed old school furniture burning, firewall, and control of secondary outbreaks of auction operations.
The shovel is a tool composed of a steel-plate, slightly concave, so pointed, sharp in outline in lateral and posterior eye for horned into a wooden handle. It measures approximately 13 cm total length and width is 2 dm, and its weight about 2 kg. It is used for high school furniture direct attack, preschool furniture throwing dirt over the flames or coals to extinction plastic school desks by suffocation. In antique reception furniture an indirect attack operations served for desks for school the opening and extension of lines of defense for the elimination to the wooden school desks ground excavated mineral fuel, scraped and chopped down the same, prescribed burning, firewall, and control of secondary outbreaks of furniture for schools finishing operations: very useful for mix earth and ashes stackable school desk with water supplied by backpack extinguishers, and preparation of water points.
The ax-hoe (pulaski) is reception furniture a tool composed of a steel-plate with two opposite edges in perpendicular planes, and a central eye horned into a wooden handle. It measures about 9 cm long its width is about 8 cm and weighing about 2 kg. It is used in direct attack to bring loose soil by excavation to be launched in paddle over flames or coals preschool desks to school furniture desks extinction by suffocation. In indirect attack to open and extend lines of defense by cutting, middle school desks felling and uprooting of or elimination of the fuel for digging and scraping up the mineral soil, prescribed burning, firewall, control of secondary outbreaks, finishing operations and preparation of water points .
The rake-hoe (Mac Leod) tool consists of a flat steel plate embossed with six (6) coarse teeth on one side and cut in the opposite direction, and fitted with a steel sleeve in the center, perpendicular to horned to a wooden handle.
Dimensions and weight
Total Length: wood school furniture 1240 10 mm
Width: 275 5 mm
Weight: 2.2 0.2 kg
In direct school furniture attack: dispersion of fuel when there are no flames on the edge old school desk of the fire that is attacking.
In indirect attack: expansion and consolidation by cutting and raking light fuels and mineral soil scraped middle school furniture up, prescribed burns, firewall, and control desk in school of secondary outbreaks of auction operations.
Backpack extinguishers: water applicator apparatus in full or spraying stackable school furniture jet, consisting of a dorsal transport deposit, connection hose and pump (spear) Manually operated.
Dimensions and weight
Overall height: 610 mm
Length: 440 mm
Width: 200 mm
The direct attack on weak fronts, emerging, or lighter fuel.
The indirect attack: support operations in burning of extension of “lines wood reception furniture of defense”, prescribed burning, firewall, and control of secondary outbreaks of auction operations. The basic extinguishing agent is water and retardant additives.
The chain saw is a machine composed of a set with a motor clutch and transmission system sets in motion a chain that slips cutting guide and a school house desks variable-length sword, furniture in school according to the type of tree to dismount. you really should get good are the best! For extinguishing a fire usually used chainsaws desks for schools light 4 or 5 kg. high school desk It is used in the construction of school tables desks “line of defense” for the felling of trees and cutting of thick branches and bushes.
The bike desbozadora consists of a two-stroke engine by a tube attached to the tool holder school tables furniture metal cutting element, typically an interchangeable disk, with a variable number of teeth or blades, according to the type of vegetation to cortar.Para its management has a handlebar with adjustable handle and school desks a hook harness to hang from the shoulders of the operator. Its use is appropriate in the construction of “lines of defense” for the removal of small trees, wood school desk shrubs and school house furniture woody plants.
Further elements Overall, both groups motorcycle bombs vehicles must have fire as complementary elements of the following:
Hoses are plastic school furniture large diameter pipes (100/110 mm) used to suck water from furniture for school the pump: must be fitted on the end of an artichoke.
Hoses are flexible tubes that can carry water channeled from the tank or
motor pump furniture for reception up the spear, are often used according to its internal diameter three types:
25 mm wooden reception furniture in diameter in sections of stackable reception furniture 20 m
45 mm in sections of 15 m
70 mm sections of 15 m
Lanza, metallic device that is placed old reception furniture on the end of the hose to direct the
water as a jet or spray and it reaches a certain distance, thus providing for a regulating valve opening.
Couplings, metal parts are designed to take a quick union between hoses or hoses old school desks and nozzles.
Forks and referral, special materials that allow for branches in the hose lines to plastic reception furniture optimize the use of them.