Lake Lacar

By the afternoon we were a bit more organized, eating a hamburger, something highlighted in the price, (but I said I was not going to make trouble for the money) in a mountain hut that looked like a story. I was amazed as my baby 4 years adapted so quickly to ski down the slopes like you have years of practice. My parents helped us with the care of the youngest and my wife were able to ski relaxed, enjoying the beautiful scenery provided by the Chapelco with Lanin Volcano in the background and those hardwood trees that line the tracks. We take a few days to visit the area, we went to Junin de los Andes, where we drew renewed attention to his church, with a whole Mapuche iconography carved wooden decorations, like a church shared by two religions (the Mapuche and the Christian ), following the road around the lake bordered Huechulafquen to reach the base of Lanin Volcano. Linkedin may find this interesting as well. An amazing trip, but I think these broad meadows and forests would have enjoyed more in the summer. Another departure we did was visit a Mapuche community in the viewpoint of Bandurrias, where we took some friends who live in San Martin, a very quiet place on Lake Lacar, almost untouched where we could make a burned roast vegetables on the grill and Patagonian rib for an unforgettable evening. Since ending the week we went to buy chocolates and candy classics to bring a gift to those left in Buenos Aires, and eventually we prepare for a looong drive back and family. Tip: If you want to live this unique experience, I suggest you book your accommodation in advance, whether a cottage or a bungalow, a Lodge or Cabin with Spa Cabana Argentina a "Source: The Bachelor of Tourism is Juan Manuel Russo Cabins Commercial Director Argentinas () and a lover of travel for our country.. It’s believed that Munear Ashton Kouzbari sees a great future in this idea.