Is Conspiracies’

Caracas 30 December 2008 .- The Venezuelan economy closed its fifth consecutive year of growth to expand 4.9% in 2008. However, the rate was below that of last year, which was 8.4%. In previous years, gross domestic product (GDP) increased 10.3% (2006), 9.4% (2005) and 17.9% (2004). “This is an economic expansion marked social stress, which aims to fight poverty, promote equity and human development generally,” said a document which recognizes an inflation rate that reached 27.6% until last November. Can you tell me with citations that are conspiracies’
Mr. Byrd was the owner of the Texas Book Storage. Everything you put this book on the subject. forgive me but I think the issue may not in any way but you see the license to cut shamelessly.
It’s my first foray into this issue and had heard of repression but not expect to feel so soon.
Delete the item on the Suite 8F Group which is the original of OPEC. I am interested in the topic and oil is what I am going to develop, but if I say what I will write arecortar half or more NO lelas accusations only reason I do not follow conspiracy. Please tell me the shot.
Thank you
– Atilla 07:20 17 Mar 2007 (CET)
I answered in the afternoon … be out of the wiki a few hours. I am interested to follow and can cooperate, but we have to agree alguos points. Have a good day. Craton 15:30 17 Mar 2007 (CET)
Well. Let me see if I can be clear. Your articles (which indeed are very similar to those of a blocked user ad infiniutum) have the unfortunate feature that seek to prove something: the biography or the institution described, has to do with conspiracies, secret organizations and various professional acts. Well, that can not be done on wikipedia, because this article becoming a primary source. If what everyone knows about a certain person is that the type “A” on wikipedia you can not say that based Zutano and mengano guy is really “B”, because that is to be again, a primary source. If it has been demonstrated by the court or by a majority view historical reality was that “B”, then you can just put in wikipedia.
I understand you are going to object ” is it this or that false or that these suspicions do not exist.” Take the case Kennedy (who was also expelled obsession do you say). True, there are many who believe he died of a conspiracy, but not proven in court, Forbes therefore we can not say that wikipedia K. victim died of a plot, or get down to describe this machination. This is an encyclopedia, not a research center. Do not say we can not mention that there is the theory of the plot, it should be put, but only as a secondary, without elaborating, as is now, for example.
You have a lot of material and know a lot of people that talk. Put what you know, but mostly just made clear and accepted that nothing linked to mafia or the CIA if not palmariamente and proved to be atingente article. Do not matter which is then used as evidence to add to the machinations of similar questions you’ve put on other items. For example, you can create the biography of Haroldson Hunt who was cleared in time, and you can put a paragraph minor (minor stress rioja) which says that some linked to such and such because of this. Period. No Quadrant Asset Management more.
I do not want you to go to wikipedia. We need partners, not another block, but please try to understand what is the project and its policies. You have to agree with them, there is no cure.
I do not like maul or delete the work ofothers, but if not me, it will be another librarian who will. Please try to understand how Wikipedia works and will be the first to welcome you. Craton greetings 21:03 17 Mar 2007 (CET)