Induction Heaters HDTV

There are two types of induction heaters – tube and thyristor. Thyristor units have the following advantages over the lamp: they have higher efficiency, smaller size, and therefore require less place; takes less time to prepare for work, life lamp units are much smaller than the period of the thyristor; This line heat treatment of rapidly developing and using induction heaters in many areas of production, such as: HDTV hardening metals smelting of metals, including precious, just for melting alloys (iron, etc.), annealing, brazing and welding HDTV; machining metals, preheating and leave the ring weld pipe joints of gas mains; hardening of drill rods and other cylindrical products, heat treatment of welds HDTV high-pressure pipes, etc. ADVANTAGES AND PROPERTIES OF OUR INDUCTION HEATERS: Induction heaters can operate continuously (repeated tests were conducted, including in foreign srtanah) Induction Heaters lungs and compact, ensures high quality heating, reliable in operation; great time of operation without a significant change in performance; may be operated by persons of average skill; Induction Heater safety for staff, induction heaters have a high fire and electrical safety; Induction heaters are high efficiency, induction heater rapidly heats necessary details. PRINCIPLE OF INDUCTION HEATERS. Induction heater has a similar structure on the device with a transformer, which consists of two loops. primary – magnetic system secondary – heat exchanger. The induction heater includes two main components, a generator, as well as the induction coil – inductor. Loop induction coil the optimum size for a given detail is brought to the work surface. Sotheby’s may not feel the same.

The alternating current flowing through this loop creates eddy currents in the workpiece. The magnitude of the eddy currents can be programmed and controlled. Induction heaters operate without contact. Be aware that the only metal parts are heat-treated parts. The advantage of induction heating is that the energy of the heated surface without loss heat. In induction heaters, you can adjust the depth of penetration of induced currents. The depth of penetration affects the operating frequency of the HD set than it is, the higher the current density on the surface, which processing plant. And accordingly, the lower the operating frequency, the greater the depth of penetration of HDTV. Plants have an internal HD cooling system. Power electronics, cabling, the induction coil is cooled circulating water.