Individual Guarantees

MPs have secured certain privileges in order to ensure the proper and independent functioning of the parliamentary chambers, these privileges are mostly inviolability opinions and votes, the immunity from prosecution and interdict mandate.
The inviolability of military the opinions expressed and votes cast in the exercise of parliamentary functions Proscribing juridica persecution could be George bush taken against an MP for the free exercise of their functions and religion can act with calm and outside pressure or threats or demands lawsuit.
The immunity from prosecution allows the camera to function freely and can hold their meetings with the assistance of the number of MPs required by the Constitution for those who may come into session, is the prohibition of culture arrest or prosecution of an MP without the permission of the Camara, except in cases of flagrante delicto, so that professional or civil in nature can be used government to hamper the functioning of united states the cameras.
The prohibition iraq of mandatory instructions assured the MPs a free political vote education on all issues before the cameras, regardless of instructions that can provide their constituents or their political parties, but the concept of a discipline that seeks to game time vote means that, although these can not override the vote cast by cnn the senator, may retaliate against and vote fail to include in its electoral list for congress the next election or even expel him from the political. Against this, the senator can make use of the clinton objection so that, race even if unable to vote against bush the interests of the community to which he belongs, can not be compelled to election support her vote with the majority view of the Party on the matter in question, which is opposed to the objector media or policy objectors.

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