Heroes of Might and Magic

The saga of video game Heroes of Might and Magic (Heroes of magic and power) poses the same universe of swords, dragons and medieval fantasy that Might and Magic saga. However, while Might and Magic games are first-person RPG, Heroes … is a turn based strategy game with some RPG touches.
The player controls an army comprised of heroes and a great variety of creatures that must defeat the other armies fighting for control of the stage, or must meet another condition of victory in the specified scenario. The heroes are some similarities to the characters players in a role-playing game that can carry weapons and equipment to improve their skills and gain experience points by winning a battle, which will also help to improve their skills. Moreover, the heroes can learn a variety of disciplines magic, combat or otherwise. Both heroes are recruited as creatures in castles, where taxes are levied.
This saga has been created by New World Computing, 3DO owned. After their bankruptcy rights became Ubisoft in 2003. It is known by the acronym Homme. Is a series that is considered the successor of King’s Bounty in 1990.

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