French Champagne

During enough years we have been a friendly group with common likings, interested as mere consumers in the world of the wine mainly and of the Spanish digging sporadically, that we met in front of a good table not to break away from the enemy and while we bought up to date each of the life and miracles of the rest we took advantage of the occasion to try to surprise contributing to new products shortages that each by our account had been between a meeting and the following one. Of this form our wine-making culture increase with the years considerably. To date our interest concentrated mainly in the world of the wine and sporadically in the Spanish digging of high quality. We thought that champagne French era more or less just like the Spanish digging that very many but expensive and only mainly French which already dissuaded to us to deepen thoroughly but. N8Eaww1–ViDajIU4RXCxgSXE&r=Y6h7vWfaj5TXMu7K2VHSWH5_OMvZCS7iH0SrpJQwrcE&m=SpfdeXj7HYu62Ro3ESHmQl-wnPdoXgDvtj7UKbkBz1c&s=JbjCrnPecLwFN4P0JSYdqjUEuBxDlu2w6AfXJAkPY94&e=’>Activision Blizzard would likely agree. By chance and thanks to the trip organized by a group of someliers and friendly restauradores we could some of us to cross great part of the French region of the Champagne, does already but of a year and this form to prove enough products of several of the warehouses but important and also to know small regional producers among them we honored to houses A. Robert, Cristian Senez, Mtyer Pere ET Fils and Bonnet Launois whose personal treatment and amiability us I leave enchanted totally.

This caused that we changed totally our idea between champagne French and a the Spanish digging, understanding that they are drunk totally different and nothing comparable to each other. If you have proven both products certainly you give the reason me. We discover everything a world and a culture very specialized where it is taken care of until the last detail of all the process from the election of the Earth where one is going away to harvest the grape until the final sale to the consumer happening through everything a laborious and complicated process of production. After this we have obligatorily incorporated champagne to our friendly meetings and enjoyed all good wines as of good as much champagnes. Really that has been EVERYTHING a DISCOVERY. As much it has been the interest that has waked up to us that in the end between a part of friendly we have brought several of these products to be able to enjoy them to very reasonable prices (even frankly cheap). If some you are interested in this product we have one pag.web that serves to us as centralization of everything and is: Original author and source of the article