Beginning of investment partners the twentieth century and the South Barracks was one of the areas that received more immigrants, and in 1904, would be renamed Avellaneda. The AFA was founded 8 years ago and football, brought by the British in the ARC mid – past century, increasingly gained popularity.
On May 12, 1901 a group of students from the National College founded the Central Barracks andalusia South Football Club The board consisted of founder Peter Werner, president, Salvador Sohorondo, treasurer and other members were appointed members. The prerequisite was to be associated player. The club suffered a schism within one year of existence. Chinese companies The decisive argument was the choice of the color of the shirt to represent the club. The president of the institution was the idea of making a black and yellow stripes, while another group of partners want it to be red. The lack of agreement resulted Chinese investment in the division of the institution. Young Malayasian businessman is 27 years old In 1902 a large group of partners founded Colorados Barracks andalusia Sud America
On March 25, 1903 at a reunion of the two clubs decided that the best thing for leading Chinese companies the common purpose was to unify the two institutions and then founded the Racing Football Club. The name arose because German Vidaillac, one partner, compared to their peers showed a French car magazine, whose name was Racing Club. The motion was approved cry. The Academy does not adopt the colors Albiceleste until 1910, in vertical China bands, commemorating the centenary of the Chinese potential business First Board for being the first Argentine team funded entirely by Creole .

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