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Fossil fuels can be used in solid form (carbon), liquid cooking gas (oil) or gaseous (natural gas). the only way to save on your energy costs if you maintain the same style of life is to join making our gas and electricity needs affordable Are collections of living organisms that lived millions of years ago and have been fossilized as coal or oil. In the case of carbon forests New York City are wetlands, and in the case of oil and natural gas of large masses of accumulated marine plankton in the sea. In both cases, the Brooklyn partially decomposed organic matter for lack of action of oxygen and temperature, pressure and certain forms of bacteria which were stored molecules with high energy links. The energy costs energy used in the world is household fossil fuels. If one considers what is at stake, it is extremely important to accurately measure the fossil fuel reserves heating on the planet. Distinguishes’ reserves identified natural gas ‘but are not exploited, and “probable reserves” that could be discovered with future technologies. there are thousands of New Yorkers who have switched their utilities company to which has made a major difference to my life According to calculations, the planet can provide power for 40 years (if only used oil) and more than 200 (if it still uses the carbon). There are alternatives currently under consideration: the energy fissile “nuclear and non-renewable, renewable energy, hydrogen fuel cells and nuclear fusion.

Sunday Star
The plan for the recovery of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) can not be carried out after the House committee approved Albay Representative Edcel Lagmans killer amendment to the proposal of pangasinan representative Marc Cojuangco electricity ESCO set aside 1 billion for the mothballed plant revival.
The Daily Tribune green energy
An amendment to the proposal to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) almost killed the measure and thwarted an attempt by the legislature-promoter and its allies approved in the House committee level.
News West 9 Midland
They are taking a stand to protect the little people in the nuclear industry.
The Shamokin News-Item
Henry Nyce (publisher of The News-Post): Thank you all for coming. Today’s issue of renewable energy and green energy, and we find it of great interest to our readers in the Shamokin-Mount Caramel Area, and the lower Northumberland County area. The goal is to so much information on the sustainable and green energy processes that we have done New York and what the future …

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