Foreign Languages And Business

We all were taught or are teaching one or even several foreign languages. For decades, the tradition evolved to learn English, German, French. Slightly less popular, but still quite common were (and are) Italian and Spanish. And of course, always have been and are individuals who took the fortress of Arabic, Hindi and even Sanskrit. Foreign languages are studied by someone quite consciously, to set goals, someone is very Interestingly, while someone studies them as a fashion or tradition, which in today's society absolutely must know at least one foreign language. However, if we approach the issue of informed, what languages are really worth teaching today? In this article we will talk about the Chinese language and how can this complex and unusual language to claim the title of one of the most important languages in the world today.

To begin with, that said in Chinese two-thirds of our planet. This fact – a consequence of the traditional high fertility in China, which even with strict control measures on the part of the state is still difficult to reduce. By itself, this fact would not have had much matter whether China is usually underdeveloped country with low economic potential. However, the situation is reversed. Experts predict that by 2050 China will become the world's economic leader, surpassing even United States of America, and Chinese, according to some experts, may be the most important foreign language, replacing English. China's GDP is comparable to the U.S. GDP, but due to cheap labor in China every year open up millions of enterprises, and accordingly, its economy has invested heavily.