But let us look at one another. Hollywood produces a lot of movies that show the end of the world, disasters and epidemics. Why is the future is almost never a good show? Is a person can not afford this is fantasy? Perhaps the answer is that humanity is really no good future. Our selfishness develops. People are increasingly busy in this world, tired, nervous, kills himself, kills his natural, natural environment, without which he would not survive, but still does not understand this. We can easily come to a world in which it will be impossible to live. The changes will gradually accumulate and, ultimately, natural disasters can happen, do not even any opposition of planets. But, having reached equilibrium with nature in their desires and thoughts, we can stop all the 'irrevocable' violation of nature.

These phenomena – a consequence not of our earthly disturbances (excessive consumption, depletion and pollution of the environment), as a consequence of our relationship (selfish desires and thoughts). Recent scientific evidence suggests that changes a man makes his physical actions in environment, small and can not cause the changes that we observe in nature. Changes in the nature of the program due to its creation – to bring us to a higher level of existence. It's inevitable. All disasters and crises the world is nothing but a manifestation of unbalanced forces. It is our selfish forces cause such investigation to the still, vegetative, animal and human levels. It's inside me erupting volcano inside me rages Tsunami in me still, vegetative and animal levels, there is no balance.

And so to me appear, such external painting – a demonstration of what is happening inside of me! But to the extent that we reach an equilibrium with nature of the relationship between a surety, we will impact on all the lower levels of nature: animal, plant, inanimate. And all the rest. After all the problems (the nature of the perturbation) only occur due to lack of balance between people. Alexander Gimpel source of internet-newspaper – One World