Europe Mothers

MOM deserves something unique! Every year again the mother’s day question: what to get? We know the story even if the history of mother’s day is disputed, however, that already in pre-Christian times the ancient Romans and Greeks a day dedicated to the mothers of their deities in the year. In the 13th century was under Heinrich III. the so-called Mothering Day”launched. “With this tag, he wanted to honor not the mothers, but rather the mother church”. The significance of this day however was transformed in the course of time.

In the 19th century, mother movements were formed in the United States, where the mother’s day seems to have its origin in its now familiar form, to honor the mothers, whose sons and husbands dropped the wars to the victims. A woman seems not uninvolved in the official introduction of the mother’s day: Anna Jarvis distributed on the second Sunday in May 1907 (on the 2nd anniversary of death her mother) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 500 white carnations at other mothers, to the love of her deceased mother to express. Made on the basis of their appeal it it from then on to the target, that an official holiday to honor the mothers to introduce. Last but not least thanks to their commitment the second was introduced in the on May 8, 1914 by Congress Sunday United States in may as an official Church holiday, as mother Memorial Day. This holiday came over England to Europe. Mother’s day was established in the idea one day to honor the mothers first German flowers business owner as the day the flower seller in Germany by the Association which psychically smelled an enormous increase of their turnover. At times of national socialism was the mother’s day in this country in 1933 an official holiday, is the day to honor the mothers since 1949 on the 2nd Sunday in may a not public holiday in Germany and sales near approaching that of the Valentine’s day brings florists for this reason even to this day.