Eureka Investment

IP based subsidy scheme programmatic approach. In 2006, the Ministry still used the old scheme of subsidies for the consideration of tenders, especially those related to international cooperation, as well as for projects related to energy. International cooperation in the field of technology – this is a great way to acquire new knowledge and access to foreign markets. Cooperation contributes to the fact that existing knowledge is more widely used, and thus saves. This is beneficial not only your company but the economy as a whole. ntly assessing future choices. Under the scheme of IP work: Eureka: Cooperation in Research and Development with any of the 34 Members Eureka, Industrialized countries: support for collaboration.

Japan, Singapore, the United States and Canada, markets in developing countries: support for cooperation with the markets of developing countries. Today time it comes to China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil; knowledge of neighbors: Cooperation with neighboring countries, Flanders and the Rhine Westphalia North-research and inventions. Regional Subsidies Netherlands – Dutch, depending on the location of your business, you can get grants and from regional and provincial authorities. For example, the province of Brabant is concentrated in mainly on technical innovation and supports international projects in this area. The province of Overijssel actively enhances the agricultural sector through innovation, and its main concern – to maintain viability of the sector. Utrecht is interested in innovations in information and telecommunications. Investment in the Netherlands – Netherlands aim MIA investment schemes for Environmental Protection (MIA) is the stimulation investment in equipment that does not pollute the environment.

Companies investing in the environment are eligible for additional tax cuts, depending on the percentage of investment. Investment Scheme for the Protection of Environment is relevant only to equipment that recorded in the Register of environmentally friendly equipment in 2007, which is reviewed annually. The purpose of EIA Investment Scheme is to stimulate energy efficiency investment in energy-saving technologies and alternative energy, that is, the so-called energy investments.