Economy Certificatioin

In this area there is no monopoly, and many organizations offer their services in this sector. First of all, you need to determine the role of certification in the economy. Let us recall the beginning of the nineties, when they were defeated by the mechanisms of the centralized economy, a legal vacuum. Consumers are faced with manufacturers or importers, who, in fact, not responsible for the quality of products supplied. Simply, many colorful and accessible .. Linkedin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In such a situation if it were not for certification, it had to be invented.

For completeness, review of the period should be mentioned that new businesses have not mastered the skills yet quality products. Consequently, the certification in the absence of state supervision was the only "stumbling block "In the way of an influx of piles of unsafe products. ilar source. It was then that began to form and certification bodies and testing laboratories. You may also want to mention is that initially were subject to mandatory certification consumer goods, in other words "goods to the masses." Now, apparently there were wishing to go back and start all over again. While domestic consumers are no longer the one who threw himself on every single thing in the bright package, now we have become more choosy and want to buy quality products. If we abandon the compulsory certification in the field of consumer goods, it could have negative consequences for safety consumers.

I agree with that certification leads to some increase in the cost of the goods, but the costs are spread evenly this procedure among all consumers of these products. And they are not as significant, given that fact that the certificate of conformity is issued for a period of one year to three years, and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for five years. A slight rise in price should be regarded as a premium for the buyer guarantee the quality of purchased goods. Still, many refer to the experience of Western countries, where certification is voluntary. But believe me, our mentality and – this is heaven and earth. It's no wonder the term 'business in Russian ", which involves including the minimum investment and short term profit. Of course, solve all the legislators, but as we can to influence the changes in this area if we do not always in the side.