Eating German Sausages

It’s almost lunch time and you take more than four hours touring the streets of Berlin. Suddenly, stomach crunches you and makes you mouth water. From everywhere you go delicious aromas typical German food. Hungry? Discover what is cooking in the kitchens of Berlin and Germany as they would say over land, Guten Appetit! Berlin cuisine is diverse, multicultural and of course, delicious. Click patrick dwyer to learn more. sta has influences from countries like Turkey, India, Pakistan, Brandenburg, Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition to enjoying the best “Haute Cuisine” – as in any big capital – Berlin offers a host of popular dishes and affordable.

This is the German city with the highest number of award-winning restaurants: if you are a connoisseur of the kitchen, This is the perfect destination for you. If you’d rather popular cuisine at an affordable price, do not worry: you’ll find food to suit all tastes and budgets. If you want a quick bite, stop in the classic “Imbiss”, a small stall in which can buy fast food, such as “Bulettes” Berlin, all kinds of German sausages or DNER Turks, very fashionable in the capital. The DNER Boulette and Kebab, arrived in West Berlin on 60 with the influx of immigrants. Currywurst sausage into pieces, with lots of ketchup and curry is typically Berlin, but is consumed in Germany. Berlin’s traditional cuisine is hearty and rustic: typically find family recipes served in familiar settings. In addition, they serve generous portions with a variety of ingredients where potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, beans, poultry and pork are the basis of most recipes. Traditional dishes are the pork knuckle (Eisbein) with cabbage, cabbage (Sauerkraut) and mashed peas beef Carene (Rinderbrust) with horseradish, smoked pork tenderloin (Kassel), liver roasted with apples, mashed potatoes with lumps (Stampfkartoffeln) and roast goose.

Berlin In many restaurants you will find the Spanish equivalent to the daily menu, called “unter der Woche.” Typically, they serve dishes with sauces, potatoes, sausages, Leberwurst (sausage with mashed liver), mashed potatoes, Knigsberger Klopse (Meatballs in mustard sauce), burgers accompanied by Kartoffelsalat (potatoes cooked with different ingredients) and puree apple (Apfelmus). On the other hand, fish is preferred by Berliners herring, which can be developed in different ways. If you want to find restaurants to eat well and cheap, come to the districts of Kreuzberg and Neuklln. Normally, prices include VAT. If you do not carry cash, be sure to ask if they support credit card, because not all the restaurants in town have this facility. Berlin The typical drink is beer. There you will find them of all types and sizes: blond, black, red, wheat … There is even a beer that is served with breakfast called Molle! The Molle is a Pils beer from the most traditional breweries in Berlin. Also in Spain there is what we call clear or shandy: Radler. The D iesel is beer mixed with cola. A specialty of Berlin is the Berliner beer Weie. The best location to enjoy a good beer is the beer garden, outdoor patios where you drink and eat something. Surely after you’ve put the boots from you like sausages and beer give you a nap. Make it the best. Enjoy a genuine accommodation in the German capital.