Early in the animation

Determined to pursue a career, he moved to Kansas City. His brother Roy worked at a bank in the area and, through a friend got him a job on the weigh me-Rubin Art Studio, where Walt was dedicated to creating ads for newspapers, magazines and cinemas. Alli coincided stock market with another designer, Ubbe Iwwerks, who befriend and both decided to start their own business.
Disney and Iwwerks stock prices (who curtail their name to Ub Iwerks) stock founded a company called “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists” in January 1920. Unfortunately, they did not get too many customers, and finally had to leave. Both were hired by the Kansas City Film Ad Company, which worked on ads, made with primitive animation techniques for local cinemas. Disney was fascinated by the possibilities of animation. Spent several days in the Kansas City public library browsing books of anatomy and mechanics. Also read a book about Muybridge Edweard animation. Take their time experimenting with Ad Film animation techniques and film. Even got one of the chambers provided for the company to experiment at home.
After two years in Ad Film, Disney believed it had acquired enough experience to launch a new business on their own. In 1922, the company founded Laugh-O-Gram Films, Inc., dedicated to animated shorts based on fairy tales and folk tales for children, such as Cinderella or The cat with boots. Among its employees were Iwerks, Hugh Harman, Rudolph Ising, Carmen Maxwell, and Friz Freleng. The shorts were made famous in the area of Kansas City, but their production costs exceed the revenue they provided.
After you create your final cut, the mix of animation and real action Alice’s Wonderland, the study was declared bankrupt in June 1923. Disney the stock market then decided to move to the center of the burgeoning film industry, Hollywood. He sold his camera and got enough money for a round trip by train to California. Left behind his friends and former employees, but took the film of Alice’s Wonderland.
Coming to Los Angeles with forty dollars in his pocket and an unfinished film in your briefcase. Its purpose was to leave the animated film, believing that it could not compete with the New York studios. Intended to become director of real action films, and toured all studies unsuccessfully looking for work.
By not find it, I choose to buy stock try again with the animation. His first studio in Hollywood was a garage at the home of his uncle Robert. Sending the film Alice’s Wonderland at the New York distributor Margaret Winkler, who showed great interest in the Disney movie and a contract to produce more films combining animation and real image.
He met with his brother Roy, who was recovering from tuberculosis in a veteran’s hospital in Los Angeles, and was persuaded to take charge of economic management of the study. Roy was in agreement. At the request of Disney, the leading actress of Alice’s Wonderland ‘Virginia Davis’ and his family moved to Hollywood from Kansas City. stock symbol Iwerks did the same and stock quotes yours. This was the beginning of the Disney Brothers’ Studio, the germ of the future The Walt Disney Company.
The new movie called “Alice Comedy” ( price stock “Alice Comedies”), were quite successful. After Virginia Davis, who left the series at Disney not to accept the demands of higher wages from their parents, were led by actresses Dawn O’Day and Margie Gay. Lois Hardwick later, took a brief paper. By the time they conclude the series in 1927, stock trading the focus was more animated characters’ in particular a cat named Julius who recalled Felix the cat ‘.

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