Dialects German

The upper German is the usually accepted. Dialects and accents in each region. In Germany there is what is called the upper German (Hochdeutsch), which comes to be the official German and practically all Germans speak it. However, there are many dialects that are spoken in certain areas of the country. Each region of Germany has a dialect which is spoken by its inhabitants. The curious thing about this is that a North German does not understand the dialect of one of the South and vice versa. Also, an inhabitant of the East cannot understand the dialect of one of the West, or elsewhere in the country.

For example, there is a dialect that is spoken in the area of the city of Cologne and is called Kolsch and there is other Bavarian called in the area of Bavaria. Both dialects differ much among themselves. In addition to this we must mention the variety of accents (sounds) that there is in the pronunciation of the German. I.e., each region is heard in a different one. This is more clearly noted in the Bavaria region whose inhabitants possess a well marked accent.

The best way to learn to know these accents is still in the country and experience them in live. A good place to achieve this is attending a course at a University which come to study people from all parts of Germany. On the other hand I have to mention the German being taught is the top German and we do not need to learn dialects to communicate. To have the opportunity to hear good German we can tune news cable channel, where, the rapporteurs of news generally pronounce it impeccably. Finally, if we have the chance to visit Germany would be highly advisable to avoid as much as possible to communicate in our language and try to relate to its inhabitants in order to practise and learn German. My name is Enrique Bracamonte and I am graphic designer graduated from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. You can get started in learning the German language through these courses that you will teach whereas your way to learn and in an easy way. In addition, you can access to a free introductory course.