Pediatrics has had many advances in recent years here in Mexico. Well, not many years ago many children died due to lack of vaccines for diseases that exist. It is said that Mexico has greatly improved children’s health issue, but still much, as still emerging diseases. Today, diseases that affect children are the stationary esfermedades which are as shown on the weather. These diseases are very serious but if not addressed early, these can cause other if they are. Today there are many epidemics (epidemic is when a disease affects a population by preventing the early recovery). Some diseases that are known are: Measles, cholera, meningitis and yellow fever are the most common cause of major epidemics, which can be added for tuberculosis, diphtheria , HIV infection , AIDS and Ebola, as well as parasitic diseases, etc..In Mexico compared to previous years has been much progress, just as nowadays there are two epidemics amenasa the population. These epidemics are not a total cure, but treatment, and most importantly, preventable. The epidemics that Mexico faces today are: