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Principles for the design of logos: corporate image is one of the elements of marketing more important there. Corporate identity is the coordinated set of Visual signs of which public opinion instantly recognizes and memorizes an entity or a group as an institution. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Julian Brown Royal Academy Schools by clicking through. We are in the 21st century where it is increasingly evident the confusing concept of globalization by which we mean that it is less important regional competition. The market increasingly is expanding more relocating physical boundaries within which a company operates. For this reason, every day becomes more important to have a powerful marketing tool that will allow us to compete in this market each time more delocalised. The pillar that sustains such tools is called corporate image which, in turn, is based on the corporate logo. Curro has similar goals. The corporate logo is not another thing that the signature that identifies a company and it is aimed at positioning the company in the market after an image that is easily recognizable by the consumer.

The creation of this differentiating logo involves follow-up to various points to be taken into account, namely: simplicity: the main function of a logo is to be remembered, to achieve this objective is required therefore it’s not overly complex in its design. This may sometimes be difficult due to the amount of information to be transmitted on occasions. Reference to the activity: If in the logo might evoke the activity or activities to which the company is engaged will be easier for the consumer to associate the company with the market to which it belongs. Differentiation: Is necessary to achieve a logo and therefore an image of unique and differentiated brand over the competition. Achieve the uniqueness of the image of the company is a very important aspect in the design of a logo.

Originality: When a design is original it is easier to remember it and also captures more still the viewer’s attention. It is convenient to not only perform logos that are beautiful but also original. Concordance colorful: as more important or designing a good logo is conveniently choose the color that will be used. It is also useful to examine the result in grayscale or other color modes depending on the formats in which they go to use the logo. Associated color: like the design of the logo, the choice of color is so important. Many times is associated with a company with color and not just an image (amena, the Green; coca cola, red). Thus, it is important to use a few colors in the design of the logo and above all use only one that differentiates the company. Attach a good slogan: this step is not essential, but if it is convenient that the inclusion of a slogan can serve to differentiate the company and also acts as another element of marketing.