DB Railnavigator

DB Navigator now available for Android smartphones DB Railnavigator now available for Android smartphones Hanover April 08th, 2010. With HAFAS for Google Android, the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) their DB Railnavigator makes fit for all smartphones that use Google’s new operating system for mobile devices. Now, the application is free to download in the Android market available. Android runs on mobile devices of from different manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or Motorola. HAFAS Mobile for Android is far more than a mere timetable. Rather, it is a door to door information for the entire travel chain. Timetables of the entire German local public transport can be saved at any time easily and are thus without an Internet connection available. Current arrival times and delay information are available online.

The hardware properties of the new Smartphone devices is to use HAFAS. These include large displays and touch capabilities, the operation especially make easy. The presentation of maps and detailed descriptions of walk to the start and destination point be realized with Google maps. In addition, the user receives also services such as maps for selected stations. GPS, Wi-Fi and cell determines the exact position of the user. With the new compass function, the device guides the user safely and easily to the next stop or to the next station. Like in a compass shows an arrow the direction also appears the distance in meters. HCon has developed the DB Navigator for the iPhone. The applications are based on the timetable information system HAFAS. The leading HCon timetable information system will be established in around 20 countries.