The phrase "time – the money" takes on literal meaning. 2. "Road rage". Hours spent in waiting, are perceived as part of their lives stolen. By research, people in the queues are able to adequately assess the time only in the first four minutes. After that, the perception of time becomes distorted. Thus, for example, the project "e-government" is not only way to speed workflow and reduce logistics costs, but also a means to increase the loyalty of citizens. >.

3. Positioning for saving time. For example, such a path walked medical company "Invitro" that in order to fast-food consumers in each city creates a branch network of outreach treatment team. 4. High speed copying, and project implementation. Speed up innovation, even in a high-tech market, the market for mobile phones – only two months. What companies? 1. Search for cost reduction in the speed of decision-making.

2. Fold corporate fat to improve mobility. 3. Increase competence of the project thinking. 4. Use time as a value for the customer. 5. Protect the competitiveness of a product brand – the only resource uncopyable whereas in the market. Driver 4. Large selection of modern world – a world large selection. The world no longer divided into black and white, at one time there may be several options for the correct choice. There were whole branch of science and business, dealing with decision-making. The world is polarized, it simultaneously develops opposite, mutually exclusive trends. The market is a multi-dimensional matrix to the unstable system of coordinates.