Company Marketing

The first – the logo should be thought out. Not so important, even whether it will be concrete or abstract way, but between the firm's name, the essence of its operations and its logo should be a semantic relationship. The condition of the line association with the scope of work (if you remember the notorious company Apple) is not mandatory, and it's good to present yourself in the place passers-by, who, for example, went to the store or saw your ad company. If the logo is ready to tell him something nice about the company – well, it remains unclear if the icon – it creating unnecessary. The second – the logo should not be extremely difficult. It's a sign, not a painting in miniature. Creating something that entangled lines and spots of different colors, you risk losing, along with concise and audibility of the mark.

Any letter or, say, an exclamation point be read instantly, but the stamp patterns may do not read at all. And playing the logo simple forms becomes much easier. After all, where usually the logo – for all kinds of printed products, office, textiles, branded products. And it is usually means a small area and sometimes even black-and-white printing. So working on in all respects a good logo, be modest, in spite of all the available technology. Life shows that the minimalist symbolism is almost always turns out to be more successful than the works under the exorbitant appetites. Third – this is the stage immediately following the creation of design for your mark and its registration. How to use the logo? Should he, like makdonaldsovskomu, play wherever they can, or should be used under the most important tasks? Sometimes it is also important to give a good start in life – an example of what could be last year's share of mts with image of a white "egg" on a red background.

Due to the fact that advertising with this picture, not bothering people extraneous messages, long aroused the curiosity of many people, the rebranding of the company failed – and now it is known under the new logo. Here are a few words about the properties and functions of a good logo. Technical issues that are important in creating a logo, a lot, but to cover them adequately, need a separate article. It is hoped that this text will help you when thinking about the most appropriate image for your logo.