Company Customer

Social networks are a very fencing means for the customer, it is common that they express opinions (already be positive or negative) about the companies. Be aware of what is said of the company in the social networks can represent an important source of information in terms of habits, tastes and preferences of the customer, in addition to the attention of claims. The second error consists of generic apology offered to the client. From my point of view, a complaint should be treated in the same way whether it is face-to-face, by phone, or virtual. Give a generic apology can give the feeling to the customer that the company is not interested by your claim and only looking for get rid of the topic of polite way. Linkedin may find this interesting as well. In third place is ask what expectations were customers. It can be interpreted as a polite way of saying what you want to do?.

Beyond of the perceptions and the real intent of this phrase, it denotes the lack of a defined process for the attention of complaints, especially important in a local customer service that offers both products and services. a>. Finally we have the fact of your request for sending a mail with data without giving any response. Once again, if the company makes a specific request of this type, it is assumed that you have a solution designed or a plan of action to follow. In this case seems more an order placed to comply with any policy or rule of the company or of any higher without understanding for what was done. You can read the full case, mentioned errors and opinions of experts in social media at Noergia analysis. Do you perceive what mistakes in the management of social networks? It has a similar case presented to them?