Chosen Solution

there is Ongoing replacement of expensive high-performance water repellents for cheaper and less effective versions . Often hydrophobizator concentrate is diluted with water, bottled in new packaging and stored under appropriate conditions, the concentrate, but not divorced solution, so that comes into disrepair. Storage in unsealed containers leads to the fact that the organosilicon component of a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the air early gains its hydrophobic properties and can not at the injection water to moisten moistened surface of the pores and capillaries.). Thus, to avoid errors it is necessary that a technical solution to the device sealing compartment repair in the body of the existing walls by injection of silicone hydrophobic solutions must be issued in the form of a full working draft, taking into account the humidity of the material, structural features of masonry, porosity and water absorbing capacity of masonry in the area of the work. Go to Pinterest for more information. Contain in its composition plan construction, the relevant types of walls labeled with the location of injection holes are sequentially numbered, and a suit, and the total number of working hydrophobizing solution with a detailed description of its preparation of a particular brand of concentrate, tables of equipment, resources and materials, a brief description of the safety in production operations. And also include information about pre-and subsequent drying of structures; on the treatment of injection of working solutions in the wells of the chosen methods of care for the wells in which injection of hydrophobic implemented solutions, the timing and how the subsequent completion of Well hardening solution. In order to control the quality of work performed and the monitoring of the process of drying or walls re-done by a single method using the same instruments, non-destructive moisture control construction material investigation of the walls of above-ground parts of the building to identify areas of high humidity. Based on a comparison of the results of surveys carried out at different times, conclusions about the effectiveness of repairs events revealed some “missing” parts..