Child Rearing

Since time immemorial, there is a kind of folklore, like a fairy tale. Its appearance is due to the desire to transmit information from generation to generation. Fairy tale – an indispensable tool in educating the child. But it is very important initially in understanding the child to determine where reality ends and begins a fairy tale. This is needed to ensure that the child is not afraid of the appearance in my life witch or Goblin. Tale is a fairy tale and she does not pursue purpose to frighten the child.

The task of parents to present the events presented in the story with the correct position. Long recognized the enormous importance of the genre tales for all-round education of children. Strong side of fairy tales is their focus on the victory of good. Children without outside interference can easily capture the idea of fairy tale: good triumphs over evil. The power of image and story tale is that even the first time listening to children reading a fairy tale, clearly show their likes and dislikes in relation to its characters, they feel sorry for the weak, the disadvantaged, are ready to come to their aid. Psychologists have studied the mechanism by tales of the inner world of the child.

If it takes a child of quality, deeds of heroes and the whole situation on himself. Children are truly happy that justice wins, simple poor people out of trouble, and the wicked perish, ie, the evil punished, good prevailed. Kids want to in life is always was. With tales of child learns to recognize good and evil, to form his own attitude to what is happening around them. Especially noteworthy Russian folk tales. This is a real treasure trove of morality, experience, transferred to us from the past. Dry teachings from parents about the values do not have the desired effect, much productively be in the form of fairy tales to give food for thought for your baby. Be sure he will come to realize that is good and bad. In modern society, often raising tale parents are trying to replace the distraction of the child with the help of computer games. This way of spending time convenient to some parents, because does not require special effort: a child left to himself. But this way is dangerous, because such studies do not allow the child to evaluate what is happening, do not carry an element of education. Waste of time. Is that all? Unfortunately not, empty, and sometimes violent games cause apathy among children, the desire to repeat what he saw, it appears cruelty. What result we get, letting your child is constantly playing computer games? Inability to think? Unfounded cruelty? Too expensive fee for the time saved. Only by giving the best we get in return of warmth and love, and fairy tale to us this will help.