Burn your contributions with less frequency

With respect to your contributions, I ask a favor: try not to record your changes so often. For example in Article Karma, December 8th the day recorded 24 times in 49 min (between 16:45 and 17:34): recording an average of 1 every 2 minutes. Thank you!
– Rosario (talk) 00:04 11 December 2007 (CET)
Yeah, sorry again, I slowly learning how this works. I thought that supervisors did not have to look at all the method the changes but only the last change, which is written as though I’ve exaggerated sure many others also change their spelling, style, something that has not erased abs them seem so important. andalusia reread. But then I method thought maybe I should control everything or as much as possible to detect abuse, etc.. From now on it in Word and everything is ready when it will be ready in Wikipedia. What more do I think of things is to translate from English to yoga and, with respect to translations, translating professionally since 1968, but everything is better, I am not the best in the world. I do revisions (proofreading) of my best translators who translate for some of the first companies in the world and always find something they crunchless abs like in me. Nobody is perfect. Being a translator has probably influenced many changes to make. leads you through all the steps in her program for crunchless abs Thank you for notifying me, but I should know all the rules, of course .– Pedrero 19:11 14 December 2007 (CET)
Interesting, I also do revisions (editing) and reviews (proofreading). Just that I do professionally since 1998. , fitness trainer par excellance has designed the method for the best fitness results How old are you ‘I workout 42.
– Rosario (talk) 18:46 23 May 2008 (UTC)
Hi Rosario, and learn about the pages and alerts, so I hope you read on your pages, if I repeat it here, I also enjoy using the site for free in Wikipedia, and few things are free, we charge soon up to breathe, a chip that controls us, because both liter. About my age and translations:
Hi Rosario, I just realized some time ago you asked how old I am, therefore born in 1944 and started as a translator in 1968 this year are translated 40 years without yet having made millionaire, so do not do many illusions.
Thanks, Pedrero, for your answer! And thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. – Rosario (talk) 01:19 27 Sep 2008 (UTC)

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