Biosphere 2

the improvements that have been afforded the general household by ‘Biosphere 2’ is a 1.27 hectares (3.15 acres) originally built to form an artificial closed ecosystem in Oracle, Arizona (USA.) By Space Biosphere Ventures, which has household as its main company delegates John Polk Allen and Margret Augustine. Built between 1987 energy costs and 1991, was designed to understand the complex interactions in an ecosystem, as well as to study the feasibility of closed biospheres in space colonization and allow the study and handling of a biosphere without harming the Earth. His name is due to be modeled on a first biosphere, our terrestrial ecosystem. Is funded primarily by the company of Edward Bass. On project cost 200 million dollars and natural gas lasted from 1985 to 2007.
With a size similar to that of two and a half football fields, is the largest ever built closed ecosystem. The hermetic nature of the structure allowed the scientists gas to monitor the chemistry of air, water and soil contained therein. Also, a medical team conducted a continuous monitoring of the health status of the human crew.
Inside it had a jungle, an ocean of 850 m energy with a coral reef, mangrove a 450 m , 1900 m of savannah, desert m of 1400, 2500 m of arable land, a human habitat with accommodation and offices, and Certain technical facilities underground. Heating and cold water circulation systems for independent pipes and electricity was provided by a central natural gas.
In 2006 the structure was no longer tight and the farm, located in an area of dormitory towns around Tucson, was proposed for future urbanization and conversion to residential community.
On June 5, 2007, the property, including surrounding land with an area of 668 hectares (1,650 acres) was sold to electricity ESCO a developer of residential homes for 50 million dollars. Part of the land would go to a hotel and tourist homes. The reserve, however, would remain open for display.
On June 26, 2007, the University of Arizona announced that it would continue with research in Biosphere 2. The news just the fear of destruction of the famous glass terrarium. the energy market has been greatly improved by one of the leading ESCOs Lecturers at the University reported that, thanks to private donations and grants would finance research as well as operational costs for a space of three years, extendable to ten .