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Nanostart opened regional office in Frankfurt of the German Association of nanotechnology Frankfurt am Main / Saarbrucken – December 10, 2012 – the nanotechnology investment company Nano start AG opened the regional office in Frankfurt of the German Association of nanotechnology (DV nano) at its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The founding Protocol was by Marco Beckmann, Executive Board of the nanotechnology startup, and Dr. Ralph Nonninger, President of the German Association of nanotechnology, signed. Marco Beckmann explains: we welcome the activities of the German Association of nanotechnology. With our commitment, we can support not only its concerns, but we benefit by a very good, early access to companies for their commercialization of nanotechnology-based product or process, an experienced VC investor is interesting.” And Dr. Ralph Nonninger, President of the German Association of nanotechnology, adds: nanotechnologies are the drivers of innovation in many industries. There are just the young small and medium-sized companies, which write the success stories. These companies find one another, internationally active, competent contact person who can help you expand your market position now within the association with the launch of nano”.

In addition to the ordinary activities of a branch, the Nano launch AG wants to help particularly promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Association to promote the commercialization of your products. The Nano launch AG is checked by the Association on your eligibility to selected business plans. Nano launch: The Nano launch AG is a leading nanotechnology investment company. The company invested venture capital (venture capital, VC) in young promising nanotechnology companies. Thereby, Nanostart invests globally and at different stages of development. The investments of the company focus on innovative sectors such as Cleantech, life sciences and IT/electronics. Nanostart invests either directly in the nanotechnology company or regional nanotechnology Fund.

The headquarters of nano start AG is Frankfurt am Main. About their involvement in Singapore, which Nanostart Asia Pacific, invests them as partners of the Government of Singapore. Through the German Association of nanotechnology: The Deutsche Verband nanotechnology e. V. (DV nano) is the Trade Association for the employees in the field of nano technology forces from economy, science, media, education and management. Nanotechnology is considered as a cross-cutting discipline, combined with particular experience in the technical scientific working fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and materials science. As a non-profit and independent organization is the DV Nano of central point of contact for academic/scientific, technical, professional and socio-political issues. The Association supports the exchange between industry, science, society, management, policy, and its members and contributes to the strengthening of the innovation site Germany. More about the German Association of nanotechnology at Disclaimer: this communication is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase or to subscribe for securities. A public offer (IPO) of securities of nano start AG in connection with the listing of shares in the portion of the segment (open market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the “entry standard” does not take place. This communication presents a securities prospectus. Follow others, such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari, and add to your knowledge base. This press release and the information contained therein are intended not for the direct or indirect transfer or within Canada, Australia or Japan.