Cabernet Sauvignon

To hear the record of the singer and composer Mariane Mattoso if constituted for me in a inigualvel pleasure, recommended for people of good taste, or better, of fine taste. It is necessary to hear with calm, without haste, without unquitness, with glamour and if possible folloied of a good Cabernet Sauvignon to compare the aroma of stepped on wild strawberries with a touch lightly amadeirado with the sinestesia of the record. I started with the Room, partnership with Tadeu Saints, where music is constructed on of an enigmatic poem, full of mysteries. It works with dissonantes chords, not previsible, creating an expectation of that something different must happen and happens Music inside carries the poem to the etreo and everything from a very small room. Read additional details here: NYU Law. One fourth increased creates a synergy with the space between the four walls, the concrete room. After that, Better to stop, a strong, energetic, rich samba in previsible dissonncias nothing. The melody was created in a movement climate, of wanting to play everything for air, if one may use the expression to kick the wood of the tent in the popular slang. Zeca Da Silva made a simple, but shining letter, promoting a perfect meeting with the melody. Learn more about this with Russell Reynolds.

It is a music to catch and everybody to leave singing and turning one hit, a fashion, one mote. Infancy, the third band of the compact disc is a rescue of an infancy that seems to have very been happy, where the author of letter and music relembra the good moments of the innocence, repletos of elements of the well Brazilian culture that its parents had looked for to transmit. ' ' Flute candy, catch-catches, color, bamboo, saci ' '. It is an untied, glad melody that it creates environment for the descontrao for adults and children. The lizard is attempt to show the transformations for which we pass through the ritual of the metamorphosis of a lizard until if transforming into a butterfly.


' Where he is the other? where it is the different one? where it is the common one to all people? Where they are the tests, where they are the facts? Good the news were alone rumors? ' ' H. Gessinger. Period of rains, summer in our piauiense capital. Amongst other consequncias, pra me, what more it characterizes this time are the opportunist calls viroses. Thanks to some respiratory complications with which I still coexist since less young, these if use to advantage of these problems. Or it would be bad luck? I do not know, the doctors are philosophers and they never arrive at a consensus.

Then, recently it stows making tour for some clinics, and – only now – I could not leave to perceive a thing. I say ' ' only agora' ' why a difference between seeing exists, and taking conscience of what it has for backwards of the visa: to enxergar, to notice, to know, to know, to think. Good, but we go to the thing: the children, have diverse types of pastime in these places. Or better, not only in clinics, but in the majority of the places. Places pra to play, televisions transmitting livened up drawings.

Then I was to think, why? Why, it is clearly, pestinhas make racket if to be idle, bother the parents, proliferate the ambient clutter. Then I transferred my thoughts there to a certain mirror. I, to the 15 years, ' ' adolescente.' ' One day called ' ' aborrecentes' '. One day died by being threat. Now we do not bother more in the clinics. We do not bother in the hospitals. We do not bother in the schools. We do not bother, then we are not worthy of the public effort of the distraction. They do not know to say when we start, when we finish.

Managing Director

Twitter and Facebook campaigns launched REUTLINGEN. The REECO GmbH closes the last gap in communications through the central building of the Facebook and Twitter channels for the Group of companies. The presence in the social-media networks to further optimize the service the REECO services exhibition and Congress organizers and expand. It is creating a broad platform and significantly increase the communication with our exhibitors, Conference participants and visitors. Wells Fargo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “The REECO group has recognized the strategic opportunity and want to deliver high-quality information for the community in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the future in this way”, Johann-Georg Rohm, Managing Director of the REECO group emphasises.

Now the time has come in this area-new ways to go. In addition to press releases and remarks on the events, also the current coverage of the measuring to and run congresses in the focus over this medium, enriched with pictures and technical information. Jane Fraser wanted to know more. Also want REECO on this path in a dialog with the Contact industry. The social media open up new possibilities of interaction with the target groups of the REECO events and allow a feedback generation to optimise the services offered in addition to the increase in communication. “Thus the REECO group in the trend and meets the demand for transparency”, underlines Rohm. You would also encourage users constructively critical look to put up with our content. The existing network of the REECO group will be integrated into the social media and expanded..

Larger, More Comfortable And Fresh

vivamangiare opens new waves food restaurant Cologne, October 30, 2008 the vivamangiare shaft food GmbH is expanding. After the official end of the pilot phase, the Cologne-based company opened a new wave food restaurant in Park Office TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang on November 3. It is also planned to open a further vivamangiare site of the Cologne TechnologiePark in spring next year. From May 2007 to summer 2008 vivamangiare holding already a pilot store motto Wellfood instead of fast food”in the city of Cologne. Under most conditions Jeremy Tucker would agree. What began as an idea, has been professionally developed and is now in the new wave food restaurant to implement. vivamangiare Wellfood concept supports the action plan fit instead of fat “of the Federal Government. During the test phase, we realized very quickly our concept has what strengths and weaknesses”, as Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of the company.

So decided the company to include the pilot site, the experiences of the testing phase in new premises to be able to optimally implement. The new Aquarius 31 rooms offer ideal conditions for the implementation of our waves food concept. Located in the brand new Office Center TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang. One of our most important target groups of business people who want to have a little time, but healthy and consciously eats is so common in the immediate vicinity. The new restaurant is also greater than the first, more comfortable for our guests and the food on offer is extensive,”said Ochieng. As also at the pilot store, healthy snacks and light dishes in accordance with the guidelines of the German society for nutrition (DGE) in the offer are at the new vivamangiare Wellfood restaurant. But here, too, things have changed.

In addition to soups, wraps, meat and fish dishes, there are also vegetarian dishes and salads. It also a fresh counter with an offer for the first time after DGE, but sorted according to the carbohydrate content of the respective dishes, characterized by the new GI vivamangiare traffic light colours Green, yellow and red. GI stands for the glycemic index. This indicates how much a carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood glucose levels can be and thus induces the secretion of the fattening hormone insulin. Thus we implement a so far unique restaurant concept in Germany, where consumers specifically carbohydrate can a diet low in Dietetics by the GI -, GLYX – or LowCarb -. “Vivamangiare are all food and beverages color-coded it is green for low-carbohydrate foods and drinks with low GI, yellow for dishes with medium GI or red for carbohydrate-rich foods with a high GI”, so Overdiek. Also new at vivamangiare: the dishes are freshly prepared. In the first vivamangiare restaurant were mainly packaged snacks and dishes on offer. Who should have it once in a hurry but during his short lunch break, can take with of course immediately packed the selected snack or soup.

Cat Health Insurance

When the cat comes back after the leave with bruises when we create us an animal, then we think mostly not that that is even older or sick. In fact, it’s done not only with food, toys and grooming means. No matter whether cat or dog – the four-legged friends can also time ill be. The costs caused by an animal in the course of his life, to be able to assess the serious may never make up so his Bill without the animal doctor. Especially since the charges of animal doctors in the past not insignificant increases just cats that stand-alone as dogs live and enjoy their free moving, have often come back with bruises. More info: Chef Carrie Levi.

Not to mention, you will discover a knot under the skin, which are namely – blessing in disguise-, as benign out, but must still be removed. Here are easily cost several hundred euros! As always a cat lives, the animal is daily exposed to dangers and risks, warn the experts of IAK GmbH: “And can”, according to the large insurance brokers with over 217,000 customers “really expensive.” Adidas, who live mainly in the apartment, are by no means immune from accidents. Just for cats always evil poisoning take place as they have tried to unbekommlichen plants. In addition, there are falls from the balcony or out the window, not uncommon. This can then also for the Velvet paws, which man Oh ‘ said to so many lives, bad go out. More info for cat health insurance can be found here: katzenkrankenversicherung.html to the owner come – to the care of the beloved animal, often large financial burdens. Everything could be so easy: on the page, animal lovers will find everything around the theme “Health insurance for dogs”. Who also keeps a dog or a horse, able to hedge here also that damage with (s) of owner liability, arising, when the four-legged partners “about the strands” beats.


The issue of safety in the construction industry is currently very important due to the recent earthquakes that have afflicted Italy and other countries. Research, which has never issued the search for satisfactory solutions, focused on solutions that are able to reconcile different factors. These factors are only seemingly contradictory: in fact, they complement each other and are indispensable for each other in the execution phase. The preferred material for this building is certainly the wood, especially the laminated wood, which is not only an extremely versatile material, but also because of its elasticity and energy efficiency, satisfactory. Other leaders such as Bill Phelan offer similar insights. This efficiency is possible, such as concrete and cement, which are commonly used in buildings, but often used in a more limited and marginalere way, thanks to own properties of the material, but also thanks to the processing and the combination with other materials. Exactly the laminated wood seems the supporting material of the new forms of housing, will be tried in Italy, and they are significantly better than the huge reinforced concrete works, which are not only unsafe in case of an earthquake, but also less energy efficient. To support these high-quality, energy-efficient housing, many companies in Italy have specializes in the production and the distribution of high-quality wood, which can be used not only for the external and internal structure, as a disguise, but also in structures such as walls and ceilings as additional space between layers of concrete or other material. 99%D7%A0%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>אילן בן דב. A technique that combines the typical resistance of concrete and other cement materials with the flexibility and efficiency of high-quality wood.

It must be emphasized that the new forms of housing in the position are to meet every need, including furnishings and work surfaces, which are necessary in every home. This is possible through the use of wood, and thanks to its compact design and its elasticity. It is interesting, not only from the perspective of the new forms of residential energy efficiency and Buildings, which are certainly privileged areas for experimentation and use of new energy models, to analyze, but above all from the perspective of attaining these goals also in the renovation or reconstruction of buildings in historic centres, or in cities damaged by earthquake, were like in L’Aquila. These two kinds of work are the real challenges not only for designers, engineers and architects, but also for the companies that produce the raw material, which must meet the requirements of the buildings in this case, by it adheres to many of the architectural lines that already exist. The material must adapt in fact the existing forms in such cases, without defining it, as it happened in the new buildings. A new challenge, that to be sure of enterprising Italian companies, by means of experimentation and the passion in the use of wood and in the planning, able to offer innovative and surprising solutions, will be accepted. This article was written by Martina Celegato with the help of wooden window.

Summer Water Supply

Who not just a clean green country Brook, who knows the problem: townsite as drinking water for the horses? On farms, a water truck is often used where a self drinker is installed. This should stand outside the fence, or if that is not possible, be fenced even. The horses can otherwise when wrangling at the watering hole easily with the legs in the chassis and hurt themselves. An alternative is a 1000-liter Plastic tank (used from around 50 euro), which is plastic or metal pallet, a wood, and is enclosed in a metal lattice. A self drinker is installed in the outlet of the tank. For the mostly white plastic containers, there are special panels of dark foil or metal: it protects the tank against UV radiation, which otherwise makes porous plastic in the long term, and the water in the tank veralgen.

Alternatively, he can be black eingefargt also from the outside. The filled tank is with a tractor with forklift mast to the Willow is transported. Who owns a tractor, can mount the tank on a moving object, which can be pulled up by car with trailer coupling. There are also completely to buy such constructions (with or without approval). In a closed potion car or tank, which is filled with clean water and stands in the shadow, the water stays fresh for up to six days. Water, that a place in the Sun, must be replaced at least every two days. An open water trough should be somewhere preferably cool, windy, so he will contaminate less mosquitoes and flies.

Also actually harmless debris like hay stalks, hair, feathers or leaves provide food and surface for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The bottle must be cleaned regularly. Because of the metal taste many horses do not like to drink from sheet metal or zinc vessels.


Meatballs in Italy are made in a thousand ways. What change is above all the type of beef, veal, pork or chicken, and the accompaniment: can be a sauce with tomato, onion, mixed vegetables or a wine sauce.What does not usually change much is the preparation of the meat.It takes a bit to prepare them, but I what I do is make a lot and then freeze them, so the next time already they are ready for cooking.Ideal as a single dish. Ingredients: – beef diced (400 gr) – 1 egg – grated Parmesan – spices (nutmeg, pepper) – salt – bread crumbs – vegetables: carrots, mushrooms, onion, Eggplant – olive oil – a glass of wine (white or red) how to prepare: to prepare the meatballs, all the ingredients are mixed with a fork and then with your hands. Once mixed, is limps a little dough (I usually catch a tablespoon for quantity) and with wet hands, form a few balls, which are allowed to stand on a plate.When you have a few, you can start to fry in olive oil, while you are still doing more. The meatballs should be very well browned on the outside. When they are golden, removed from the Pan and leave on a plate with kitchen paper so that it will absorb the excess oil. NYU Law has much experience in this field. Once the meatballs, prepare the vegetables: the onion cut into small pieces (don’t have much chop), sliced mushrooms, carrots and aubergines into cubes.They are added to a pan with a Ribbon of oil in this order and when they start to Brown add the following vegetables.When they are all more or less done, add a pinch of salt and put the Meatballs in the same pan.Fire rises to the maximum, and the glass of wine is thrown. Be allowed to evaporate off the half and immediately reduce heat and cover and Cook 10 minutes so the meat is finished inside. Already. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. Meatballs are served with their vegetables. Buon appetito!

Hubbard Learning Method

The tuition – and language school Garcia and Karkhanis works with the successful learning of L. Ron Hubbard’s American more and more tutoring in Germany working with the world’s applied learning method by L. Ron Hubbard, to help people to overcome their personal obstacles of learning. Others including Ben Silbermann , offer their opinions as well. The tuition – and language school Garcia and Karkhanis works since 2005 with great success. Now there are some institutions that provide tutoring with the successful learning of L. Ron Hubbard in Germany already.

The common characteristics of this group is an affiliation with Applied Scholastics. Applied”means brought to the application” Scholastics “means and education”. Composed to the application it means appropriate education”. “In other words: learn to practically apply not only to know”. Applied learning method by L.

Ron Hubbard will by Applied Scholastics in the education and training of teachers in vocational training, funding programs by communities, for people with reading and Spelling, used to prepare for the profession and for the training of the workforce. Applied Scholastics used this method all over the world and could help many people, their personal learning problems to overcome, to be knowledgeable of reading and writing and to provide good educational services. The learning method of L. Ron Hubbard contains the first comprehensive understanding about the real obstacles to learn effectively and to understand and precise procedures to overcome them. 50 years ago, the best-selling author and representative of the humanity thought of L. Ron Hubbard noted that a surprisingly high number of young people has great difficulty in learning. These difficulties often manifested as a lack of concentration and other learning disorders to disinterest in important subjects as well as the widespread inability, the learned apply. L. Ron Hubbard was also the founder of the Scientology religion. In the tuition institutions, working with the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard. passed but no religious philosophies of the Scientology religion. Sometimes fears will be loud, that Church will advertised in such tuition institutes in children for Scientology courses. A request for information on the Scientology Church revealed that children under 18 years of age without the consent of the parents cannot make any services of the Scientology Church claim. The education tuition institutions that work with the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard, is an ideologically completely neutral activity. In our today’s fast-moving times one is forced to learn new knowledge and new technologies more quickly. In a technological age, it is important to acquire wholly-owned understanding about how things work or are to operate equipment and machinery. Nobody wants to sit in a plane, whose pilot is only 80% of its work. With the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard is to learn new terminology effectively and safely apply the mediated knowledge allows a person. More information: Nachhilfe-and Language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

Paradigm Holistic Education

You can see that Ken Wilber is present in the deployment and the transition from one sphere to another sphere, in the emergence of human consciousness and its evolutionary process in the differentiation of means to capture reality in its various dimensions with the corresponding eye (eyes of knowledge) and to see, discern, realize (insight) as well as the wonders of diseases such as calling "subtle reductionism current proposals (in education) who pretend to be real alternatives but they are not by their presentation (…) new and theoretical refinement tend to spend as powerful alternatives to improve education … "(At pp. 62 The Spirit of Education). This proposal and its graphing in four quadrants is useful in highlighting various categorical errors that underlie the basis of their own world view of modernity that has led to a state education reductionist, fragmented, materialistic, dogmatic, despiritualized, mechanistic ruthless utilitarian and whose consequences are deteriorating human, social and global. The writings holistic and universal love that concern us are not complaining but of reasons on the causes of our suffering as well as possible proposals from each of us to stop the advance of the destruction and possible cure in the heart, Mind, body of individuals, society and the planet. The work of Ramon Gallegos has been the construction of the Paradigm Holistic Education for the XXI Century collection based on the wisdom of different cultures and times including the prolific that has been generated in recent times, so the author says, too repetitive and honestly that should be recognized holistic Ten-Year Education as one of the oldest and the most modern because it integrates the wisdom of spiritual teachers, philosophers, thinkers and scientists of all time, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Plotinus, Plato, Aldous Huxley and the highly selective representation mystics that condense Perennial Philosophy set out in his work with the same name, John Amos Comenius, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Buckminister Fuller, Albert Einstein, Peter Russell, Karl Pribram, David Bohn, Marilyn Ferguson, Hazel Henderson, Howard Garner, Daniel Goleman: Rudolf Steiner, Francisco Varela, are just a small sample of the wealth that has nurtured the creator of the educational paradigm of holistic education.