Asian People

I wanted to see how could reverse an image of him that had been showing for a little more than one year ago on his television program, and told me the following: almost a couple of years, I come trying to topics related to the chola celebrity in my program, and I want to than all that youth who are watching me, that they are potentially votes in my favour, to see and know that I started as a political analyst seriously, and not the theprojectbcn that are accustomed to seeing between sobs of capricious and spoiled child, asked me the question: how could reverse this? This custom was certainly a little more difficult to meet, but became possible. The only solution was that between doubts and uncertainty commented you to Jaibe: we can only do one thing. We have to dress up what is to enter all the television channels where you have worked, to steal us all videos in which you participated in various programmes as political analyst serious really. Then you have to show them in your program, so that all people, and especially young people, to see that you were doing journalism of truth, and that not talking all the profanity that you talk now, that incidentally to my hesitate me a lot, and what us origami? asks me Jaibe. Let me think about it, but now rests because you have to get to do what we have to do.

We have to wait that they weld all the bones that have been broken Jaibe lives in an ultramodern building’s roof, a 140-story building, and is surrounded by many security agents, because the President of a country of the Asian continent has been threatened with death. And he has threatened because Jaibe discovered that this President wanted to buy all his books to destroy them. I arrived at the door of this building, I go to the elevator that has safety belts on the walls of the same. .