Apple Exceeds Expectations

Apple announced a growth of 31% in their profits compared to last year, but its shares suffered a major fall in the final hours of Monday in fear for the future of the company.

Undoubtedly the great cause of this fear is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, due to various rumors indicate that it would not be in good health, a rumor that began during the Worldwide Developer Conference in which he was not very good.

Turning to the numbers, Apple announced earnings of $ 1.07 billion, with total sales of 7.46 billion. This translates into a gain of 1.19 dollars per share, an increase of 11 cents on the expectations of Wall Street.

Considering only the last quarter, which ended in June, Apple had sales of 5.4 billion with a net profit of 818 million, or 92 cents per share. This means a net margin of 34.8%, a slight fall from 36.9% achieved a year ago.