American Way

“REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE” by Alfredo Armando Aguirre There are people who since the early seventies, are primed for the content of the Stockholm Conference on Environment and the release of the price of an ounce of gold, both occurred in 1972, and the price of oil prices, which occurred the following year, symptoms of the triple energy crisis, food products and to recognize the Charter of Machu Picchu in 1977, such persons bear responsibility to exhaust our possibilities social communication in our respective environments, so that the bulk of the people aware that we are entering a situation in which our daily lives, can not remain as they are being resolved so far, and as in any way, at least they did the three or four generations that preceded us.

There is no need to test a specific definition of the meaning of the slogan “American way of life”. We discount that has nuances of interpretation. For the purposes of this communication (obviously limited by the monograph of the same involved in our own limitations), the “American way of life” refers to the set of tools and patterns of behavior that the middle class was adapted from the United States, after the depression of 29 and that the film industry of the country spread across the globe, helped by advances in the “seventh art”, and supported by the expansion of broadcasting, the music industry, news magazines and newspapers. Perhaps you can argue that this broadcast was preceded by the spread of English life patterns and customs in Paris.