Alessandro Volta announced

Alessandro Volta announced his invention of the stack to the Royal Society London, 20 March 1800. Johann Wilhelm Ritter made his electric battery in 1803. Like many others who followed, was a theoretical and experimental prototype, with no possible practical application. In 1860, Gaston Plante built the first model of lead-acid battery with pretensions to be a usable device, which was only very relatively, so it was not successful. In the late nineteenth century, however, the electricity was rapidly becoming everyday items, and when I planted again publicly explaining the features of your battery, in 1879, had a much better reception, so they began to be manufactured and used almost immediately, beginning an intense and continuous development process to improve and avoid their weaknesses, a process that lasts until today.Thomas Alva Edison invented in 1900, another type of battery with electrodes of iron and nickel, whose electrolyte is potassium hydroxide (KOH). First commercialized in 1908, and are the basis of current models alkali, whether rechargeable or not. Also by 1900, in Sweden, Junger and Berg invented the Ni-Cd battery, which uses cadmium anodes instead of iron, being very similar to that of ferronickel in other characteristics.