The project is designed to knowledge, experience, assistance in finding solutions to different situations. The site can ask questions and answer visitors' questions. In addition, registered users, leaving the site of your questions and answers, have the opportunity to earn real money. The site where you can always find an answer to your question, but if you do not find the answer. Then you can freely ask questions. In addition deysvuet rating system and with it you can be sure that you get the most correct answer to all your questions. In addition, our site is very suitable for those users who know everything they can participate in different competitions and earn points as real and very modern and expensive prizes to be prislanny to your email.

The order of the site 1. Upon registration each user is created on the site virtual account in coins. For questions and answers on the site for the user's account is credited a certain amount of coins. The coins can be exchanged for real U.S. Dollars in payment system Yandek.Dengi. 2. Questions on the site have their own value in coins. The cost issue is determined by the administration of the project.

In addition, the author of the question itself can set the price, adding a coin from his account. 3. Administration of the project looks at the answers of users and selects the best answer to the question. The author gets a better response at its own expense the entire cost issue. 4. Each week, project administration chooses the best question. Author of the best question gets a bonus to your account. 5. Each month Administration of the project selects the best question of the month. Author of the best question of the month receives a prize. Ask your question free of charge