10 Bad Habits To Avoid When Designing A Website

The formation of bad habits in any area of our life, is more common than we assume and direct the professional and silently affect productivity and competitiveness with which we develop our web projects. Habits (in particular is ill) are those repetitive behaviors that are formed by the comfort that we acquire in the way we do things and whose decision requires little or no reason. The pressures for deadlines, to develop better designs for them in less time, by working multiple projects simultaneously, working with difficult clients, etc.. These are just some of the reasons we probably end up forming bad habits as a defense mechanism to automate tasks and mentally decisions we take. I found 10 bad habits that I consider more applicants in the daily lives of all web developer: Start the wrong approach must be absolutely certain of the interests, objectives and customer expectations.

We must know what the intention desired graphic, the most important content to highlight the most anticipated features, the most appropriate images, etc.. Although it seems obvious, there are many cases where a sin of overconfidence and easily believe that we have grasped the true interests of the client, it is better to take a few minutes and make sure you understand the reasons and primary objectives of the project. Design before planning sometimes happens that is not over dry the ink signature of the contract and we have already opened Photoshop to start designing. It is vital to give us time to plan, manage and develop multimedia materials, logistics and strategy that will be useful for efficient and consistent design concept development.