Wise Person

It was a time a pretty girl of golden clusters and shining eyes. It liked to play, to study and to take a walk. It had lesser brothers and it liveed in pretty casinha of blue roof. Clear, the girl, only had a problem in its life: It wise person not to smile! left it to this sad, very sad. For where it wants that it looked at had people smiling. The salesman of fruits of the fair smiles, the teacher smiles, the children in the square smiles, until its mother smiles while he cooked. Why I do not obtain to smile? If he asked. Go to Jane Fraser for more information. day after day this doubt was taking account of the small girl.

It needed to discover the magic of a smile. She was in one of these days where it walked for the street looking for a reply that it found an old gentleman of whom only of looking at he seemed wise. The girl was arriving close to velinho she observed that it curious. When it could win the shyness asked: – Sir? Because I do not obtain to smile? The old man if came back toward it with a plaza and glad smile and answered: – Perhaps because you do not listen to its heart. It has the reply for all questions, hear what it has to say you. smiling if moved away.

The girl came back toward house trying to understand what the man wanted to say. In the following day, when she woke up, the girl if remembered what old man said and then made an effort to hear its heart. But in the first attempt nothing she heard. She decided to espreguiar, long espreguiada and gostosa she was then that it heard a whisper baixinho: – Ahh, that delight to espreguiar! It was its heart speaking. The girl heard and smiled! It smiled, YES, because it was very good for espreguiar. It then left running to count to its mother and quentinho saw it serving a coffee, of new, heard a whisper: – how gostoso coffee of the morning and it smiled! When it gained a kiss of good day, of new, smiled! When one changed to go to the school, when to its they had hugged it brothers, when it complimented the friends in the way of the school. Its heart did not stop to whisper and nor it to smile. It was then that it understood that the happiness was done of small things and was thinking about how many it had and was smiling until suddenly it and its heart had cried out: – I am Happy! the girl smiled.