During pregnancy planning is necessary not only to undergo inspection, but also to strengthen their health. The birth of a healthy child depends on the mother's health. During the first 9 months of future Mother raises and nurtures a child. Environment (at this stage the body mom), which develops the child should be as comfortable for him. Stress, chronic illness, lack of training cardiovascular system, poor immunity, poor muscle tone, and other conditions which pose some difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth.

To cope with this need to be prepared. Physical Education and Sports contribute to the development and maintenance of muscular tone, which is especially important during childbirth. Proper nutrition and inclusion in the diet of vitamins and minerals restores the function of all body systems, beginning with cellular level. Hardening helps prevent or significantly reduce the risk of colds during pregnancy. We recommend the compulsory visit to the cedar barrels in preparation for pregnancy (during the Pregnancy thermotherapy desirable) as the best way of tempering, detoxification, withdrawal syndrome, chronic fatigue, stress, exercise for the cardiovascular system. Women who are on the eve of pregnancy wellness courses regularly held in the cedar tub, relatively better endured hot weather, almost did not react to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure with changes in the weather, had more balanced emotional state. In periods of epidemics of viral infections have not been ill or transferred colds are mild. As for the postpartum period, the mini-sauna helps to restore power relieve stress, reduce weight and effects of cellulite, eliminate the problem of skin (as often occurs dryness of the skin and reduces their elasticity).

Tension in the back muscles that occur during pregnancy and when my mother is in the hands of the younger child, lead to discomfort and the appearance of pain in the lumbar spine and shoulder girdle. Complex procedures in a cedar tub with massage relieves these phenomena. In addition, a mini-sauna, in combination with balms ("Calendula", "Yarrow", "Krapivny") provide a very good effect on the gynecological sphere of the female body. In chronic inflammation, cystitis can also help with hip baths balm "Calendula" (7-10 drops per bath). Balsam contains extracts of calendula flowers and essential oil of fir. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Calendula – a natural antibiotic, especially active acts on staph.

Nitrates And Pesticides

The increase in pesticides and nitrates in drinking water and food leads to an increase in the number of preterm infants. According to a study of the American Academy of Pediatrics rate of premature birth rates peaked when observed excess of permissible limits of pesticides and nitrates in the water. Analyzing more than 27 million births in six years, experts have concluded that exposure to these substances in the body of a pregnant woman has negative consequences for the process of childbirth and the health of the unborn child. Bill Phelan describes an additional similar source. Because of the harmful substances in food and water is rapidly increasing number of premature births and the acquisition of birth defects, as pesticides and nitrates disrupt endocrine hormones and nitric pathways in the developing fetus. Young children, especially the first three months of life, the most susceptible to nitrate, which is associated with a weak operation of their enzyme systems. It is therefore not recommended for children certain types of vegetables grown with synthetic fertilizers.

Infants consume fluids in a re body weight 10 times more than adults, due to which the children get sick more often in bottle-fed when the dry milk mixture is diluted with water containing nitrates, or when using this water for drinking. Nitrates are the main precursors of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. In some countries there was a direct correlation between the amount of applied nitrogen fertilizer, and mortality from cancer of the stomach and esophagus Vegetables – the greatest drives of nitrates, which have a negative effect on the human body. Plants have different ability to accumulate nitrates. There are plants that are called nitratonakopitelyami as they have the ability to accumulate excessive nitrate levels.

These plants include red beet, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, celery, cilantro, dill. Working on this problem, many institutions around the world. One of the possible ways to protect the human body from damage nitro compounds is a quality selection of products.